Cheapest DJI Osmo Pocket alternative – Keeled P6A 4K Camera Gimbal

Cheapest DJI Osmo Pocket alternative. Pocket Gimbal combines mobility and stability in one device and shoots sharp 12 MP photos and stable video up to 4K 30fps. 2. Equipped with a 1.4 inch.

Cheapest DJI Osmo Pocket alternative

a camera at a gimbal in one device
simple to use easy to carry with image
quality that we should talk about and
the price which is the lowest in its class
was it a good idea to buy the chelate p6
a let’s figure that out

welcome everybody Tech from the website here
and you’re looking at the p6 a that
strangely sounding name for a
videography tool which I’ve been teasing
a few times via our social media
channel and turns out to be
an interesting alternative to similar
popular devices like DJI Osmo pockets
and Finnick pal at significantly lower
price but also have some drawbacks
compared to the already mentioned at the
moment of making the article. it’s even less
question is whether the 50 or maybe up
to hundred fifty dollars you may say
from buying an alternative device would
be enough to compensate the difference

in image quality and performance and
having already tested most of the
interesting camera cables out there this
really is the cheapest option you can
have if you’re looking for true 4k and 3
axis gimbal packed into one piece the
The unboxing part won’t strike you with
awesomeness’s a modest pack
containing just the cable short
instructions leaflet a strap and the p6a
itself which arrives with this

Keeled P6A 4K Camera Gimbal

protective rubberized cheaply looking
case very obviously the precision of
making the parts is different to the
silky smooth crafted smaller cousins
like the fair pocket for instance in
short build qualities know that goods
the design feels outdated and it looks like
the additive is a few generations older
especially placed side by side with the
mentioned FEA tech device looks like the
the display could have been better glued
On the other side the slightly larger body
feels better in the hand and I would
easily trade bigger size for greater

battery life this mounting thread at the
bottom together with the speaker
a microphone on the front two buttons and
touchscreen specs are in fact
promising very good processor known for
its decent performance from many
recently released action cameras with it
a 13 megapixel Sony image sensor field
view of about hundreds 10 degrees one at
four-inch touchscreen sixteen hundred
million power battery which would last
between hour maybe an hour and a half
Wi-Fi type C port the mounting threat
and the nice software features and

that I will talk about in a moment and
if you’re wondering whether that USB
the port will recognize an external
microphone doesn’t seem to be the case

Audio test outdoors

it’s good for vlogging probably that’s a
question everybody’s asking who I don’t
know that’s the audio test outdoors
pretty good conditions stuff bunch of
how do you feel about the audio quality
and I don’t know I think for the money
it’s not bad at all that’s the cheapest
camera game Bolin’s that’s kind of
quality you could expect from the
internal microphone

there are a few great points to note
about the p6 a first, the gimble seems to
be working pretty well 3 axis
stabilization which often is at a very
good level unlike snap of V mate and
fail pockets which are considerably more
expensive I never had an issue with this
gimble no vibrations no glitches no
horizon issues that actually surprised
me a lot I was mostly concerned about
the sensor a 2015 edition with the size
of only 1 by 3.0 6 inches which is much
smaller surface than the sensor inside
the DJI Osmo pocket so low-light footage
as expected is not up to par with it and
lastly, the touch screen which I believe
is the weakest side of the p6 a most of
the time you can barely see what’s shown
on it

Nothing Fundamentally

so if logging is the primary goal better
think twice before purchasing let me
show the menus and how it can handle the
gimbal this is the part that truly
shows why the device is so much cheaper
while there is nothing fundamentally
wrong man you sir know that many swipes
left for shooting modes four of them
photo video slow-motion and time-lapse
swipe right for the quick settings
recenter selfie mode follow speed and
the gimbal mode you can choose between
pan follow the fpv tilt locked and the
so-called have followed which perhaps is
there because they couldn’t implement

In the old lock mode the ribbon is no
softer slider to let you adjust the
position of the hat which makes
controlling its way more challenging and
not suitable for smooth panning and
rolling shots that we can take with the
Osmo pocket either is the face tracking
feature available the most usable model
is there for fpv and as a default when
you power on the p6a let’s have a look
at more footage and more samples we
count on resolutions up to 4k and it’s
true for K if you wonder no

Image Excellent colors ( True 4k )

interpolation because the sensor has 13
megapixels whereas at least around 8 or
needed for true 4k I can say some good
and some bad things about the footage
the goods is that dynamic range is not
bad at all for such a small sensor sharp
image excellent colors and sharpness
focus is set to infinity so you don’t
have to

about soft areas the bad side is that
even with good lighting, you may notice
some noise visible even in bright areas
like the sky overall, the quality is far
better than what I expected and more
importantly better than what the small
the dark screen will make you think it is
stabilization is OK-ish maybe better
then the first edition of FEA pockets
firmware but definitely not as smooth as
Femi palm and DJI Osmo pocket still with

Software Stabilization

some post-production software
stabilization you can get pretty good
results to my surprise there even it’s
working smartphone app for both iOS and
Android and the app is not bad at all
quite simplistic but seems to cover the
most needed features however I found out
for more updates action no joystick

controls and again no face tracking and
not too many config options well inline
with what we notice for the p68 so far
meaning that you can get the most out of the
the device even by only using the mechanical
controls the touchscreen and the buttons
the site button is the power button and
the mode button at the same time the
back button is used as a shutter button
quite a weird decision but honestly you
can get used to that pretty quickly

Press the mode button two times sent
you’re in selfie mode three times to reset
or recenter also it’s worth mentioning
that for the few weeks of using I have
never had a freeze of the gimbal and
menus were well responsive and
operational during the whole time so was
the smartphone app and I have
experienced a number of challenges of
that kind with both stop of the mate and
the fail pocket

Fantastic Wi-Fi operation

let’s wrap up the article with my opinion
the p6a is not a bad choice considering
the good price the good footage and
easiness in operation but don’t forget
that it is only 30 to 40 bucks shy in
terms of price than the Fiat palm which
comes with a wider angle of view better
stabilization much better display face
tracking mechanical joystick for the
gimbal control more modes and fantastic
Wi-Fi operation which combined with the
app can be used as a far superior
vlogging setup I think compared to the
DJI Osmo pockets at this point make no
sense at all because there’s a pretty
big gap in the quality in the features

but the p6 a bikie elite is reasonably
priced camera gimbal for everybody that
just begins exploring the world of
photography and videography and it’s a
a starting point to decide what’s next and
if youre wondering what some of the
more premium alternatives offer make
sure to check these articles on the
website as usual links to all the texts
shown or mentioned throughout the article
is linked in the down below and

if you enjoyed so far
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looking forward to see you in the next
one bye you.


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