How to clean white puma shoes

How to clean white puma shoes at home. Very easy way to clean your white shoe within 10 TO 15 minutes. Good information for everyone

Clean white puma shoes

Hey guys do you like white shoes well
most people do because they just look
really good with most of the outfits
The only problem is they get dirty really
quick so what are the best ways to clean
white shoes at home well that’s what
we’re gonna look at it in this article so
let’s jump right into it now just very
quick if your first time here on my
Website I’m Abbas Anwar and welcome to
D LM model lifestyle because it is
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any of the next articles now let’s start

Clean white shoe toothpaste

with the first tip first way of how you
can clean white shoe toothpaste
yes toothpaste will not only just widen
your teeth but it will also whiten your
shoes but stay away from colored
toothpaste just use non-gel white
toothpaste and your old toothbrush and
then just clean it then leave it for 10
to 15 minutes and wipe the toothpaste
off your shoe and then you can repeat it
if it’s necessary

Clean white shoe toothpaste
Clean white shoe toothpaste

Clean your shoes

the second way you can clean your shoes
Israel faking sir this is my favorite
because it works great first get a bowl
and one tablespoon of hot water one
tablespoon of white vinegar and one
tablespoon of baking soda now just mix
all of it together until it looks like
this paste-like consistency and then you
just get your toothbrush and you start
brushing I just remember it’s not gonna
get white immediately so don’t stress

discover your shoes and shoelaces with
the paste and leave it in the shade to
dry not the Sun because it’s not good
for your shoes and just wait a few hours
for it to dry and then just slap it
together and remove the dry paste and
you got white shoes again now I heard
some people talking about bleaching
white shoes can you do that well yes you
can but it’s not the best option you got
to be very careful here because if you
use too much bleach your white beautiful

The bleach diluted

shoes can turn yellow so you got a
dilute the bleach diluted with water
around one part bleach to five parts
water that’ll work but you got to be
careful and then you can also get a shoe
cleaning kit from CREP or adjacent mark
I’ll add it for you in an article
down below that you can check out
there are others as well and let me know
what are your best options for cleaning
white shoes at home I’d love to hear
about it in a comment section down below.

The bleach diluted
The bleach diluted

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