Best Shein Jewelry For Women

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Shein Jewelry: Best Shein Jewelry For Women

Hello my beautiful family welcome back

to my website I’m so glad you’re here on

this Friday it’s so good to see you and

if you’re new hello my name is Abdul rehman

today we are doing a haul of Xin jewelry

I just recently did a little bit of

online shopping I’ve been wanting some

just like fun rings to wear that weren’t

that expensive that I could just use to

like spice up an outfit fun things like

that and then also I’m obsessed with

hoops so we got some more hoops as well

I was looking at Amazon for different

jewelry though it still kind of felt

like I was paying a lot for just jewelry.

that I would wear every once in a while

just for fun so then I hopped on Xin

because I kind of have an obsession

the machine I just love their stuff today we

will be doing a haul of Xin jewelry and

so let’s just start it you know this is

not a collaboration or sponsorship I

just felt like you guys would be

interested in hearing about this if you

like something really affordable jewelry

I got these about a week ago so I’ll

update you guys on how long they last

but it’s just been to be fun fashion

Best Shein Jewelry For Women to just wear not every day


Shein rings

Shein rings

obviously so I’ll start with the Rings

then so this first pack there are 11

rings in there and they just come in a

variety of sizes I just got some fun

stone ones just to kind of spice up my

outfit and they’re super fun but they

all look different they all come in a

variety of sizes so you can wear on

different fingers they’re stackable or

obviously what you pay for the quality

is what you paid for I think these were

three dollars so I’m getting 11 rings

for three dollars you wouldn’t expect

them to be like crazy good quality but

honestly, these are good quality for what

I’m going to use them for we’ll see

they turn my finger green but and then

again if I’m not wearing them every

single day and then they shouldn’t I

mean you could definitely tell just like

looking at the stones that they aren’t

real stones but I mean they’re fun in

they’re cute and they’ll be a really fun

way to just make your outfit look cute

make your hands little more fun

Pretty Cute Jewery

Obviously, if your nails are done it’ll

look better

these ones are more girly these are the

more girly ones and then I got another

gold set these ones are more they’re a

lot more solid bands they try to mimic

on more of the expensive side looking

with the bands and different things like

that so I just got some plain band ones

like this there’s one that’s a star

stars pretty cute a little star cutout

there’s this one a little black like

fake stone so this was more kind of like

fake booty shake bougie the other ones a

little more girly this one kind of is

mimicking just those thick bands if you

want that thick look once again these

are also three dollars so you’re paying

for all of these ones, the price is what you get essentially so we’ll see also

how these ones last they are pretty gold

they they’re a little bit more yellow

then a real gold but once again wouldn’t

expect to get a real gold machine but

Shein jewellery

Shein jewellery

These will be really fun I’m really

excited just to like spice up my office

and they actually came in a week pretty


the other thing I like about Sheen is

they always have sports like it’s really

easy to have coupons and all that good

stuff so the last wing I got was this

really cute silver one and I actually

prefer the silver one over gold bow I

think I’m gonna be getting more silver

ones from them the silver one obviously

looks way more real it’s a lot sturdier

of a metal and it’s also adjustable on

the back so that’s kind of fun

I probably won’t bend it because I’m not

sure if it was like bust this one was

three dollars but it was only one so I

mean you get a better quality for one I

guess and then I got this necklace which

i think is really pretty I would love to

get a smaller chain and with this I’m

honestly like really

prai’s how it looks it honestly looks

really nice doesn’t really look too fake

but this one right now hangs like pretty

low and so I would prefer a much shorter

I was just surprised with the quality of

this and just how real it looks but

that’s super cute like what the heck

she’s a lot of the reviews were like

look so real I love this necklace that’s

why I got it the reviews on and

like all of those type of websites are

so helpful so make sure you look at him

and now to the hoops which is

Super cheap Jewelry

Super cheap Jewelry

My favorite part except if these ones crack

me up I thought I was getting like this

size but these are literally massive I

don’t think I will ever wear these look

at this it’s a little too extra for me

maybe I’ll save this for a white

elephant or something the thing with the

jewelry is if they’re like $1 like super

cheap they’re usually like final sale

you can’t return them so I think I mean

the photo looked like it was super small

so this is my only like mixup in the

order so that’s good I just thought

I think those are my favorite earring sets

that I ordered from them they are so

cute and the these pearl ones I love the

pearl ones I’ve been wanting some

smaller gold hoops and with hoops

I love such a variety of them and I like

just wear them a lot that I tend to want

to always buy the cheaper ones so that

if I lose them it doesn’t stress me out

or things like that these are super cute

I’m just really excited and it’s cute

that they’re all they all go together so

Shein matching rings

I can wear I can pair these with the

these were also $3 literally all the

jewelry is like $1 to $3 it’s really

great and I also got these ones put

you’re super cute I wanted some plain

smaller ones I just wore these ones

yesterday and they were so cute it’s fun

to have a variety of different gold ones

and then these ones are always really

fun so I’ll be wearing these a lot so

that is all my jewelry I was first of

all surprised at how fast it gets here

once again I can say it again like I

love sheen I’ve ordered stuff from them

before they’re very fast honestly for

them being in China and so I really like

all this jewelry that I ordered it’s

gonna be really fun to wear all the

Rings and just get

to mix that up with my outfit and it’s

just a super small investment in order

to just kind of have fun with your

outfits and experiment a little but if

Shein Jewelry Review

Shein Jewelry Review

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