TOP 5: Best Home Theater Projector 2022

A home theater projector can boost your home entertainment setup instantly. They deliver a high impact and often relatively low-cost solution for anyone who dislikes the idea of a huge 75-inch screen dominating their home but still wants a big, impressive viewing experience. But between HD and 4K and all the options in between, it can be difficult to know what to choose.

Best Home Theater Projector

Projectors have been more powerful
affordable and easy to use than ever
before you can have a true home theater
experience to fit almost any home if you
know which product is going to be right
for your situation
in this article, we break down the top 5
home theater projectors on the market
this year taking a look at products for
all different types of use cases so
whether you’re looking for an ultra
the short-throw projector is the best 4k
projector money can buy or anything in
between will have an option for you so

if you’re interested in finding out
which projector will be best for you
stay tuned all the links to find the
best prices on all the products
mentioned in this article will be in the
down below the products mentioned
in this article are in no exact order so
be sure to stay tuned till the end so
you don’t miss anything

The Epson home cinema 3800 Theater Projector

first up the Epson home cinema 3800 our
pick for best home theater projector for
most people
the Epson home cinema 3800 is an
impressive home theater projector that
offers easy setup and has a bright
the vibrant picture at a relatively
the affordable price has given the quality of
the product

The Epson home cinema 3800 Theater Projector
The Epson home cinema 3800 Theater Projector

it’s perfect for an average household
looking for their first home theater setup
with 3 000 lumens of brightness 4k UHD
resolution and a contrast ratio of 100
000 to 1 you’ll get incredibly rich
crystal clear detail between the
brightest white and the darkest black on
screen the portability of the home
cinema 3800 and it’s self-contained
design is a big selling point you
could take it out to the patio in summer
evenings and the built-in 210 watt
speakers provide plenty of volumes so you
don’t need a separate sound system
the overall picture quality of this
a projector is quite good on its own but

BlueTooth support

the 16.7-millisecond input lag means
it’s good for gaming too to get the best
picture settings there are four color
modes dynamic for bright rooms bright
cinema for rooms with closed curtains
while natural and cinema are both best
for darkened rooms
with about 11 and a half feet of throw
the home cinema 3800 can project an
image of up to 120 inches and there are
adjustments in place to set the angle
and keystone if the image is in any way

fan noise can be a bit of an issue for
some but in eco mode, the fan is pretty
much silent however the noise level
doubles in medium mode and gets even
louder in a high mode so some may find the
sound a bit distracting
on the rear panel, you’ll find two HDMI
2.0 b ports with HDCP 2.2 support two
USB a port audio out jack and more
there’s also BlueTooth support with apex
so you can connect a Bluetooth speaker
for extra sound

4k UHD picture

the Epson cinema 3800 sets up easily and
delivers a 4k UHD picture that is the
perfect choice for anyone looking for a
the bright colorful picture at a reasonable
price with its flexible installation
stereo speakers and wide signal
compatibility with the Epson home cinema 3800
does it all it’s an all-around great
projector and an ideal balance of
quality and price for someone who wants
a projector with a performance they can
rely on

Benq Ht 21 50 st

next to the benq ht2150st is our pick for the best projector for
the money benq’s
ht2150st is a great option for anyone
who wants solid color accuracy contrast
and black levels for a great viewing
experience with minimal lag for gaming
on the big screen at an affordable price point
setup is as simple as connecting the
power cord and cables then focusing
the image there’s also a vertical keystone
correction option if you need it set
it is up at around four feet from
the screen creates a 1080p 90-inch image at
2200 lumens of brightness while there
are settings for tweaking the image
the image quality out of the box is great
with good detail and color accuracy in
most picture modes cinema mode delivers
some of the best results provide good
contrast and black levels especially in
dark scenes

Benq Ht 21 50 st
Benq Ht 21 50 st

by default the ht2150st
starts up in-game mode with an image
that’s clean clear and sharp while
slightly cool in color temperature
contrast and black levels are reasonably
good and sufficient for ambient light
use and typical for gaming applications
in lower ambient light or for viewing in
a dark room you can give the picture a
bit more snap by bumping the gamma up
and switching the color temperature to
normal with these simple adjustments
you’ll get a well-calibrated picture for
either gaming or movies that needs no
further tweaking and gamers will
appreciate the 16.4-millisecond input lag

Epson cinema 3800 fan noise

unlike the Epson cinema 3800 fan noise
is not an issue the first thing you’ll
notice when you power up the ht2150 st
is how quiet it runs in comparison to
many home theater projectors in the same
price and size class so you won’t be
distracted by fan noise in quiet
dramatic scenes
connections include two HDMI ports a USB
port audio in and out jacks and more
if you’re interested in a home theater
a projector that will give you the most
for your money the BenQ

ht2150st is an excellent choice it’s
ideal for both viewing and gaming and
the image quality out of the box is very
good it doesn’t have the same image
quality as the Epson cinema 3800 but
makes up for it with its significantly
reduced price tag

VAVA 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser

next up is the vava 4k ultra short throw
laser is our pick for the best ultra short
throw projector
short-throw projectors like the vava 4k
have come a long way in recent years and
are capable of producing an image of up
to 150 inches in size with just a few
inches of throw it’s perfect for a
smaller room or a setup where you don’t
want a projector hanging over your head
this vava 4k ultra-short throw has a

VAVA 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser
VAVA 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser

simple design that consists of a white
housing wrapped with gray fabric
lasers are used as a light source
producing an incredibly bright 3000
lumens and its 4k resolution is backed
with hdr10 to give you remarkable
visuals with deep color sharp imagery
and a contrast ratio of three thousand
to one

Epson home cinema 3800

the most important attribute of this
projector brings to the table is its
short throw distance at just seven and a
half inches you can get an image size of
100 inches so the projector could easily
sit in the space your tv used to occupy
concealed by the gray fabric are an
impressive pair of 60-watt Harman Kardon
speakers that deliver great range and
volume including bass that’s deep and
clean enough that you can easily get
away without adding a sub unlike both
the BenQ

ht2150st and Epson home cinema 3800
you’ll get exceptional sound without the
need of an external sound system
the rear panel has all of the ports
you’ll need to include three HDMI 2.0
ports 3.5-millimeter audio video input
and output jacks and more
the vava app lets you control the
projector remotely and adjust brightness
contrast saturation keystone and more
you can also cast pictures videos and
files directly from your phone
if you’re looking for a 4k projector
that will supersize all of your movies
tv and sports without the need for a
long throw distance or ceiling mount the
vapha 4k ultra-short throw laser

Best picture quality of any projector

a projector is a perfect option it offers
the most variety of use combined with
arguably the best picture quality of any
projector on this list and is an overall
exceptional projector
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Verratek Lumavision Pro – Best Budget Projector

next up the Verratek Lumavision pro our
pick for a best budget projector
not all home theater projectors need to
cost a lot of money projectors like the
Verratek Lumavision pro offers an in-home
theater experience with a picture of up
to 200 inches at native 1080p that
delivers exciting home entertainment
it’s a budget projector so the picture
quality and ease of use aren’t at par
with the rest of the projectors on this
list but at under 250 dollars it
performs surprisingly well

Verratek Lumavision Pro – Best Budget Projector
Verratek Lumavision Pro – Best Budget Projector

the HD image of this projector is
colorful and bright and among all of the
projectors we’ve looked at so far has
the brightest output at 6 000 lumens so
it’s suitable for almost any lighting
condition although realistically a dim
or dark room is best
at less than four pounds the lumavision
pro can easily be moved from room to
room or taken to the office or to school
for presentations

Internal speakers provide

once set up you’ll be able to project an
image of up to 200 inches in size with a
throw of between 3 to 15 feet and the
internal speakers provide decent sound
right out of the box
if the position of the projector causes
any skewing at the top or bottom of the
projected image the integrated keystone
correction can fix any image distortion
so that the picture always looks perfect
you can share and project photos or
videos from your external devices using

the built-in screen mirroring however
it’s not as easy to use as the rest of
the projectors you would likely be
better off pairing this with a streaming
stick for a better screen mirroring
overall the image quality of this
a projector is terrific for its price
point the difference between this and
something like the BenQ ht 2150 st is
surprisingly similar despite the nearly
500 difference in price

Verratek Lumavision pro

the downside of this projector is that
it is not built with the same durability
for a true home theater experience but
it does give you the flexibility to
bring the projector to other rooms
if you’re on a tight budget and want to
start off your first home theater
experience the Verratek Lumavision pro
is a terrific budget projector with
great image quality a very affordable
price point and a good overall user

BenQ HT3550 4K Home Theater Projector

last but not least the Benq HD 3550 4k
home theater projector
the BenQ ht 3550 delivers true ultra HD
resolution and is one of the best
overall 4k projectors on the market
right now
aesthetically the HD 3550 has a clean
the sleek look and its form factor is
compact enough to make it suitable for
tabletop or ceiling mounting a
compartment opens up to reveal the zoom
dial focus ring and lens shift control
so if you ceiling mount the projector
you can use the lens shift to adjust the
image without tilting the projector but

BenQ HT3550 4K Home Theater Projector
BenQ HT3550 4K Home Theater Projector

if you do change the angle the automatic
keystone correction will compensate
the light engine has been completely
redesigned improving both color
saturation and contrast and includes an
optical light filter to increase color
saturation performance up to 95 of the
DCI p3 color gamut while its 2000 lumens
of light output is the lowest of all the
projectors we’ve looked at in a darkened
room the results are superb and when it
comes to her content the ht-3550 really
stands out and looks noticeably better

Dynamic iris lens

then on most 4k dlp projectors, this is
due in part to a dynamic iris lens that
evaluates the projected image and
automatically adjusts the brightness to
improve the overall contrast and motion
enhancement and can produce a 100 inch
image with just over 8 feet of throw
ports include an optical audio output
and 2 HDMI 2.0 ports which both support 4k hdr
built-in dual 5 watt speakers are loud
and powerful enough to fill your room
with sound but the option to connect an
an external amplifier is there if and when you need it

if you’re looking for a 4k home theater
a projector that offers great performance
when it comes to image sound and color
accuracy of the Benq HD 3550 4k home
a theater projector is a fantastic option
while it’s not the brightest its hdr
performance is excellent and offers a
great all-around user experience and
top-notch video quality.

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