YouTube is reportedly testing 4K videos with premium subscriptions.

In 2018, YouTube began its premium subscription service. The subscription started out as Music Key and then became YouTube Red. In 2018, the name was changed to YouTube Premium. As part of its premium plan, the website for streaming videos gives users access to a number of extra features. The best thing about the YouTube subscription service is that you don’t have to watch ads.

Users who pay for YouTube’s premium plan can watch videos or listen to music without seeing any ads. On the other hand, people who don’t pay a premium will see ads between videos. The company is reportedly testing plans to make 4K video playback a paid feature in order to get more people to sign up for its subscription service.

YouTube is reportedly testing 4K videos

Tests of YouTube Premium 4K video playback Non-premium users can watch videos in the highest resolution possible, with ads in between. The resolution of videos that non-premium users can watch on the service is likely to be capped soon. Posts on Reddit say that YouTube tested playing 4K videos as a paid feature. There is no official word on this,

but if the company decides to make it a premium feature, users will have to watch YouTube videos at 1440p with ads or subscribe to the ad-free plan. It was also said that the Alphabet-owned company was testing videos with up to 12 ads in between. Later, the company said that the number of ads would only go up for a certain type of ad called “bumper ads,” which would each last no more than six seconds.

People who don’t want to see ads or who want to watch videos in 4K will have to pay Rs 139 per month to subscribe to the premium plan. The plan for three months costs Rs 399, while the plan for a whole year costs Rs 1,290.
Not only does the premium plan get rid of ads, but it also lets users download videos, watch videos with the “picture-in-picture” feature, and listen to millions of songs on YouTube Music.


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