Youdao Dictionary Pen 3 Review Portable Translator

This is not simply a pen… Youdao Dictionary pen 3 is a pen with an integrated scanner, which can read a text and translate it to you. Learning new languages the fun way? Understanding documentation in another language? Have troubles communicated in a country you are visiting? Sounds like the Dictionary Pen 3 may be the tool you are looking for!

A smartpen that can read and translate
for you scan the QR code on the watch
screen to download the app
more than four million entries are
packed within this amazingly compact tool
is it good enough let’s expect

Youdao Dictionary Pen 3

Hey everybody welcome to the website
Michael here what we do is expect fresh
and cool tech with this being the second
smart translating device that I’m trying
out on the website uh looks like a pen
it’s actually called you down
dictionary pen 3 Chinese company with
a pretty innovative product that can
literally, read whenever you slide it
over text just take a look
you doubt dictionary pen 3. it’s pretty
awesome and it does look like a pen
so after you do ask me to try it out of
course I had to put it into some serious
testing priced at 250 this can actually
be one of the very easy and compact ways
to learn languages and count on smart
technologies to support you in this
journey currently sold on yodel’s
official website and amazon it is
available for global shipping to most
countries and check the article

down below for a discount code
the unboxing experience is overall quite
nice i do believe the box still shows
some references to its roots because it
has been initially launched on the mainland
China before it was made available
globally so inside we have the
dictionary pan 3
a charging cable and some instructions
there is not that much that you need to
learn the button functions are all shown
in the screen protective folio so I’m
going to demonstrate the real
performance once we quickly get to know
the specs are 147 by 13.8 by 30.4 millimeters in terms
of dimensions a large colorful

Features of Youdao Dictionary Pen 3

Touchscreen inbuilt battery inbuilt
speaker and microphone support for
earphones or earbuds a few different
languages supported upgradable firmware
specially developed trading sensor a 2.4
gigahertz operating wi-fi and the weight
of only 72 grams spec-wise given the
fact that there aren’t too many
alternatives I can’t really say whether
it’s too good or too bad one thing for
sure it feels really premium so I was
a bit surprised to see that there is no
protective case or pouch because i
really am concerned that this nice
design can easily be scratched but as we
mentioned one thing for sure it does
feel really premium and in terms of
the scale you can see that it’s a little bit
bigger than a pen probably like a text
marker but you’re not really going to
write with it are you
currently with its initial release there
are three major languages supported
English Spanish Chinese.

Features of Youdao Dictionary Pen 3
Features of Youdao Dictionary Pen 3

the big difference between this pen and
some other devices are that besides this
one-way translation you can get let’s
say from English to Chinese or english to Spanish
you can scan a word and you can get the
meaning out of it if you’re learning
English and if you don’t know about the
meaning of a specific word you can scan and hear the audible
the pronunciation you can find out more
about this exact word
another great idea about this pen it
could come really handy for kids with
dyslexia now from school age
probably between 10 and 20 percent of
children might suffer from dyslexia so
over here they can scan a word or entire
a sentence or an entire paragraph
and they can hear the audible version of

More languages appearing

what really the meaning is now
speaking of the languages
i really hope at some point there will
be some more languages appearing I’ve
chatted with you dao’s support a little
while they said there are some
other languages which are work in
progress the good news is that well
obviously, the scanner is in place the
hardware is in place the AI
operating system is in place meaning that.

we have some good hopes that through
software updates the functionality can
be enhanced a lot there are some quite
interesting features other than the
regular translation like the tap and
translate basically by pressing the pen
step before a word the pen will
automatically detect and give you the
meaning without having to scan and this
only works with words
also since the operating system is quite
capable not only you can scan words and
sentences but even whole paragraphs
fantastic is the ability.

Verb conjugation by clicking

In the bidirectional translation, there is no
need to go to the settings and switch
direction or whatsoever for Spanish
there’s another extra if you scan a
Spanish verb it’s gonna give you the
verb conjugation by clicking on the
right side icon of the magnifying glass
Spanish is tricky because verbs change
according to pronouns and tenses and the
pen can teach you about this if you
translate to Chinese besides translation
the pen also gives you pinyin which is
the down below sound of the
characters example sentences and if you
Click on a character the character
stroke order appears with its meaning.

battery life is fine and consistent
the manufacturer says about six hours are
possible I think four hours are closer
In the reality, if you tinker a lot with
the display and use it at maximum
brightness here’s another showcase of basic
translation function with the optical
character recognition it feels
satisfying scan the QR code on the watch
screen to download the app know that
when the letters are really small it may
get a little confusing books and
newspapers are fine most of the time
there are some extra functions that let.

Enjoy learning like interactive

you enjoy learning like interactive q a
where you get questions related to the
translated words or the shadowing
practice which challenges you through
images but the latter one is a little
limited at this point the fact is that
for the Chinese market, there are a lot
more perks for kids hopefully someday
this will appear in the English and the
Spanish dictionaries
as for drawbacks, i think the lack of
more languages could belong here as well
as a possibility for linking to a
smartphone app perhaps this could come
handy for copy-pasting longer sentences
and complete paragraphs at the end from
the languages that.

i speak and the supported over here since I’m partially
fluent only in english now the only
the thing I could do for benchmarking was to
compare some of the results here against
google translate and i think they’re
pretty much on par so you can get some
of the texts really well translated
On the other hand, i think it can be very
fun to use too especially if you’re
traveling a lot in any of these
countries that are speaking these
languages but i would certainly love to see them.

Dictionary pan 3

more supported languages like german
Italian Portuguese and so on and so forth
probably at some point
certain languages would arrive as a
software update also this pen can be
really useful for people with certain
medical conditions where it’s really
necessary to scan the text and transform
it into something which is audible and
people can hear in order to understand.

so overall this could be
really useful or at least I hope so and
now it’s interesting to hear from you
would you trust such a translating
device when you’re traveling or dealing
with documentation do you trust this
kind of translators
let me know in the comment section below
I’d love to hear from people who have
actually tried the yo Dao dictionary pan 3.

learn something with Youdao Dictionary Pen

invite you to jump into the conversation
and of course
uh head to the article down below for a
link to the product actually there’s a
25 discount codes that you can find
around and uh really big thanks to you
therefor providing it
and I hope all this has been fun and
useful and you get to learn something
new if that’s the case.

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