Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Review | The best budget fitness band gets

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Review | The best budget fitness band gets. Mi Smart Band 6 · Precisely cut edges Exquisite classic shape · 326ppi AMOLED display The cat’s whiskers are clearly visible · Personalize your Smart Band Six.

Mi band 6

Hey guys welcome back to the Website
right here we have the much anticipated
me band 6 which is the sequel to the
best-selling smart band
and honestly to some extent smartwatch
killer delivering so many features at
such an incredibly low price
some band 6 has some very big shoes
to fill but honestly

Mi band 6
Mi band 6

it really does that so this has some big
improvements me band 6 brings a 50
larger display in the same exact body
size it also has better fitness tracking
better sleep tracking
and many more features we’re going to
talk about throughout this article
so this little waterproof smart band
with a 14-day battery life
an incredibly low price tag like I said
it has a reputation to live up to
and so in this article, we’re going to
check it out we’re going to figure out

what’s new about me band 6
what’s unique about this why you might
want to buy it and of course, I will test
out the accuracy of the sensors onboard
so definitely, a lot to talk about in this
article but let’s get started with a
physical tour

Xiaomi mi band 6

okay so looking at theme band 6
honestly, I love reviewing the mi bands
because they just make it really easy
every day they come out to sequel
and I always wonder before they release
it what kind of changes they’re going to
make because
last year’s model almost always delivers
a lot

at a really good price and so every year
I get the new band and I’m surprised
that they really did exactly what i
wanted to see them do
and so right here you can see they have
a bigger and a better display now so
instead of having that little home
button on the bottom and then a square

uh this is now an oval display that
takes up pretty much the entire
front of the band which you’re still
seeing the same shape and size of the mi
band here
but the display like the screen to body
ratio rather is substantially improved
so we have a 50
larger display here this is 1.56 inches
last year was about 1.1 inches the year
before was .95

Amazfit band 6

we’re seeing consistent improvements in
the display and this one is actually
a really good quality AMOLED display
it’s 326 pixels per inch
which means that you can really see the
text like really well on here and on top
of that
if you put any kind of custom background
on here if you want to put like on their

Amazfit band 6
Amazfit band 6

On the website they showed a cat for example
and you can see the whiskers on the cat
like it’s definitely a good quality
on top of that, the unit actually comes
out of the band so you can replace the
bands very easily
with any color, you want you could buy
third party ones you could buy them from
xiaomi’s website

Xiaomi band 6

I believe you could even use last
year’s mi band 5 bands
on this one because it’s going to be
like exactly the same size
if you look at the back some other
things that we’ll have here we do have
that heart rate sensor
it also works as a spo2 sensor in the
back and we have the same little
the magnetic charger we saw last year
which was a big improvement from the mi
band 4. remember me band 4 you had
to take it out and snap it into a cradle
now you never have to take it out of the
band, instead you have a nice little
magnetic charger

it just sticks to the back and it’s
great I really like how they did that
this does not have a microphone so there
won’t be any voice assistant on
here it also doesn’t have a speaker so
you won’t have any kind of beeping or
anything like that
instead the only way it communicates
with you besides obviously the display
is the vibration of the vibrating motor on
board and it’ll use that for any kind of
haptic feedback or maybe for

Mi smart band 6

notifications or alerts on your phone
other than that there are five different
brightness levels there’s still no auto
brightness adjustment on here from what
I can tell not a huge deal I always just
leave it at max brightness anyway
but you can actually go in your phone
and set it to like a night mode based on
a schedule

so that you can have full brightness
during the day and then at night
after a certain hour, it’s going to dim
it down so you don’t blind yourself
In the middle of the night, I mentioned this
was water-resistant and the mi bands
have been water-resistant for a little
while this one’s rated for 50 meters
I’ve gone swimming with it I’ve gone
surfing with it and they never fall off
from my experience and they also never
take any kind of damage from water even

Mi smart band 6
Mi smart band 6

Xiaomi mi band 6

I had no issues with these so I wish i
had more to talk about with the design
of this device but it’s such a simple
small device that
that’s really all there is to it so I’m
going to get into an interface tour and
show you some of the smartwatch types
features in a second but
the next thing I want to talk about is
actually the health and fitness features
because ultimately

that’s kind of the objective of this
band it’s supposed to track your health
and encourage
a healthier lifestyle and they really
improved a lot this year so
previously I think we saw about 11 or 12
different workouts on there
this one now has 30. so if you want to
do something like a Zumba workout or if
you want to do a high-intensity interval
training and you want to track that with
this device

Amazfit band 6

there are now 30 different exercises you
can track and
on top of that of those 30, there’s
actually, six are auto tracked on
here so when it comes to sensors we have
an accelerometer on here so that’ll work
as a pedometer, it’ll try to count
strokes when you’re swimming all kinds
of stuff like that

it also tracks your heart rate your
blood oxygen levels and it has connected
GPS by your phone
so if you’re running with your phone
then you will be able to get GPS
obviously, if you’re running without your
phone this still works but you just
won’t have any GPS attached to your
workout this also has some enhanced
sleep tracking so they use the spo2
sensor to track blood oxygen
and estimate the breathing quality while
you’re sleeping and this might be a good
reference to figure out if you have

Xiaomi band 6

apnea or something like that it’s just
a good way to get a better
understanding of how well you’re
sleeping in different conditions so
that’s something that I like i’ve always
been a big fan of sleep tracking and so
I’ll get into some testing with this in
a second and show you how well it did
with sleep tracking

Xiaomi band 6
Xiaomi band 6

but on top of that, we also have the
smart heart rate tracking so
it’ll track your heart rate all-day
based on whatever interval you set
within the app from one minute up to 30
if you’re trying to save battery
obviously, you’d have it measured once
every 30 minutes

Mi smart band 6

that really doesn’t tell you much so
once every minute makes a little bit
more sense if you’re trying to monitor
your heart rate
and of course, it will actually notify
if your heart rate is above a
certain threshold
that you set in the app so for me it’s
like 150 if it gets over 150 and it
doesn’t detect a workout
it’ll notify you that for one reason or
another your heart rate is higher than
it should be
another thing I like about theme band 6
is it feels like the engineers who made this
just really knew exactly who is going to
be using it and what they wanted for it so

one of the things is they know a lot of
people using these are going to be
looking for a healthier lifestyle
they’re going to be trying to lose
weight or otherwise
just work out more and gamify that
they give you an index
it’s a pain is what they call it so
personal activity intelligence
and it kind of just uses a lot of the
information so how often you work out
you walk and your heart rate and stuff
like that

Band mi

and it gives you an index from zero to
100 but you can go over 100 100 is your goal
and it basically tells you how healthy
and how active you’re being and so
that’s something I really like having on here
just another thing that as you start to
use it starts to become
it makes more sense and you start to
like having it more and when you first
start wearing it

sometimes you’re out like people are
confused about what the pain is
but on top of that, you also have stress
tracking you’ve got breathing exercises
and you have female cycle tracking i
mean obviously, I can’t test that out for
you guys but
I’m going to test out the other ones as
far as like the heart rate and stuff like that

Mi band

so let’s actually get into some testing
right now okay so looking at the
accuracy of the heart rate sensor
i compared mi band 6 as you can see
here to the polar h10 heart rate strap
which is considered to be one of the
most accurate in the industry and you
can see

Mi band
Mi band

at the beginning of my run in the first
a mile or so I was running at a consistent
the pace and it really nailed it it was
very accurate very consistent and it was
showing exactly what I wanted it to
then I turned around I started doing
some sprint intervals to test out how it
would perform in that setting and you
can see it missed a couple of the peaks
and the valleys

Mi fit

and I think that might just be the
sample rate of the watch doesn’t
sample the heart rate fast enough to
keep up with that
but then I went back to a more
consistent run at the end
and again it was accurate there as well
so as long as you’re not doing sprint

this is actually a very accurate fitness
tracker something else I noticed is that
the auto fitness tracking takes about a
quarter mile until it recognizes what
you’re doing
and even then it just kind of vibrates
and tells you it would recognize

Xiaomi mi smart band

and then it’s up to you to select what
you’re doing so it doesn’t actually auto
track your workouts so that was a little
bit of a drawback looking at the sleep
score I really don’t have a good
reference to which I could compare this

I can say based on how I feel 96 is very
accurate i
it shows exactly the time I slept and
that was good it showed that I had no
disruptions it really did a good job
granted it was easy because
it’s very quiet where I no longer live
next to that train but
regardless I think the sleep accuracy
it’s pretty decent

Mi fitness band

the stress tracking is also probably
pretty accurate I mean i don’t feel
stressed and it’s showing that
I’m generally either mild or relaxed so
I would say
as far as I can tell that also seems to
be pretty accurate and next I actually
want to get into an interface tour
okay so taking a quick look at the
interface starting off with the watch
face this one shows a lot of information
if we tap and hold it we can choose a
different one

or we can swipe left or right to go to
some of the quick options so here we
have the music player
we’ve got alerts so notifications and we
have the weather if you swipe back it’ll
bring you to the home screen
and from here we can swipe up and down
so swiping up and down takes you
through a whole loop

Xiaomi mi bands

so if we just go down for example you
have a whole bunch of different apps
here so we’ve got our status
which is just going to tell us basically
what our health is for the day so far
we have the personal activity
the intelligence we have our heart rate
sbo2 and either one of these it’ll you
can go in there and just get a reading
right now

so this one I’m actually going to cancel
and get out of but we can continue down
see notifications see workouts
and again with workouts, we have a lot of
different options here but even then we
can go and see more
and there are 30 different options you
can choose from for a different for
tracking workouts
if we swipe from the left that’ll

Xiaomi mi bands
Xiaomi mi bands

because you’ll notice there is no home
button here and so we can continue going
see the workout history our stress
there’s also period tracking and a
bunch of other stuff that I’m not
displaying here
but these are the apps that I have and i
use so we’ve got weather is another one
and this weather actually is pretty
in-depth they tell you

Mi smart bands

the wind speed the UV levels and the
weather for the entire week
I think as far as uh weather widgets go
this one does a really good job
and of course, we can go down and see
settings and then more it’s a couple
other things you can have like
a remote shutter for your camera you can
find your phone if you tap that your
phone will beep

and of course, there is actually in the
app on your phone a find my band feature
which makes this
vibrate but that’s pretty much the
The entire interface is very simple very easy
to use and yet also has a lot of features and
is pretty robust

Mi Smart bands

so just a quick look at the app on
the dashboard they’re going to tell you how
many steps you took today
your stress level your heart rate stuff
like that and if you go over to the profile
At the bottom, you can tap on your device
me band 6

and here you can change a lot of
settings so if you go down to
for example store, it’s going to allow
you to choose from tons of different
watch faces and you can choose
I mean all kinds of crazy designs you
can customize them you can go down to
notifications and reminders and choose
what is actually going to be vibrating
on your wrist so I mean some people
don’t want to be connected to their
emails for example but they want to know
when they’re getting a phone call and
that’s a great

the way you could set that up here there’s
also, health monitoring if you want to
set up some certain things as I said
if you want to track your heart rate at
different intervals and set different


you would do all of that right here band
settings are the next big one where you
can change the units you can change a
band lock if you want a little passcode
on there
the international model so the global
model right here does not have NFC
but other than that there are all kinds of
settings on here that once you get it
you can really customize a lot with this
band and by the way guys if you haven’t
already please consider subscribing to
the Website

14-day battery life

I have a ton of articles just like this
one coming out very soon and talking
about the specs of the Mi band 6
it’s going to be selling for around 50
so still a very low price uh and it has
a 14-day battery life that’s what
they’re promising
from my experience I mean you can get up
to like 20 days if you’re not really
using mi band 6

the notifications and the heart rate
monitoring as much but if you’re really
pushing it might be lower maybe
around eight days at the minimum from my
experience but
you’re really gonna be getting a great
battery life with this you also cannot
store or stream any music here
even though there are music controls uh
obviously, this doesn’t have any kind of
Bluetooth to connect to

Buy mi band 6

uh headphones it’s only gonna be
connecting to your phone uh so
this doesn’t have any external apps as
the other thing so you can get all kinds
of different like watch
faces but you’re not going to be getting
Ostrava on here or any kind of other apps

it’s really typical of a smart band but I did
want to point that out here and as far
as software goes
if you’re not using my UI which is like
Xiaomi phone
then you won’t get the phone to unlock
feature but other than that all the
features are there
some cool things like when you when you
plug it in the display turns sideways
while it’s charging so
I thought that was really useful there
is no underwater mode for when you’re

Buy mi band 6
Buy mi band 6

Smart Band

I know some people don’t wear it when
they shower but I just don’t feel like
taking it off and I like seeing the time
so that’s something that I wish they did
have but you can go into like
a swim workout if you want and that’ll
disable the screen
there’s also a sleep tracking nap
tracking this doesn’t have an always-on
display right now

but other than that you’ll get
notifications and you have quick replies
all kinds of features like that
so overall guys I think we saw this
coming me band 6 in my opinion is
a very successful redesign of the theme
band 5. I think they fixed all the right


and I think this is a really easy
recommendation there are a couple
drawbacks, of course, it doesn’t have an
always-on display
there’s no microphone so no voice
assistant on here
but other than that there’s really
nothing I can complain about this
delivers a lot of features at a really
low price

it has good accuracy and good sleep tracking
the screen is is
fantastic on here I think the aesthetic
is really really great for
a small smart band especially at this
price and of course the battery life
is also incredible so in conclusion guys
I think theme band 6 is a fantastic buy
it’s not often on this Website we come
across something that has

Band 5

a lot of value and really delivers
on what you want it to
but I think theme band 6 it just
I don’t really have much to say that’s
not good about it but you guys can leave
comment if you’ve used theme band 6
me band 5
let me know what you think about this if
this is something you’ll be buying or
any features you wish it had
as always guys if you enjoyed this article
consider liking and sharing.


The much anticipated Mi Band 6 is finally here. This sequel to the best-selling smart band and smartwatch killer brings some big improvements. The Mi Band 6 brings a 50% larger display in the same body size, better fitness, sleep tracking, and many more features. This waterproof smart band with 14-day battery life and an incredibly low price tag has a reputation to live up to, and in this article, we are going to check it out. I’ll show you what is new, what we like and don’t like about the Mi Band 6, and of course test out its accuracy.
Every year I wonder what they could improve…


Vibration motor, no sound No voice assistant (no mic)1.56” screen (was 1.1 last year) AMOLED with 326 PPI14-day battery life5 brightness levels, no auto-brightness Convenient magnetic charger Water-resistant to 50m (great for swimming)
HEALTH AND FITNESS: 30 exercises and 6 have auto-detection Lots of new ones like Zumba mode, HIIT, etc. Pedometer, HR, SpO2, connected GPS Sleep tracking with breathing quality analysis Smart HR tracking alerts you if your HR goes above your threshold PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence)Stress monitoring Female Cycle Tracking


INTERNAL14-day battery life! Cannot store or stream music No external apps No NFC for an international version
SOFTWARE The phone unlocks (Mi UI only)The display turns sideways while charging No underwater mode for showers, but you can go in swimming mode to disable the screen)Sleep and nap tracking No AOD Notifications for calls, texts, and apps Quick replies


Sleep tracking Nap tracking Step counting Heart rate Battery
CONS: No AOD No voice assistant
PROS: Price! Great accuracy Sleep tracking is more advanced now Screen and aesthetic Battery life
CONCLUSION: just get it. This thing is amazing.

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