Xiaomi Fimi Palm Camera – The Pocket Gimbal Camera to beat in 2021

Xiaomi Fimi Palm Camera. The FIMI palm is a compact, 3 axes stabilized handheld gimbal camera which means I don’t need an additional camera mount for my DSLR to get smooth footage.

Xiaomi Fimi Palm Camera

this camera gimbal combo is backed by
the AMI and is meant to put the DJI
Osmo Pocket and the pressure one of the
few similar motors that are being
released this year can the palm
surprises with quality of performance
we’re gonna find the answer in the next
few minutes hey welcome everybody to
grow website my name is ABBAS and I’m
so happy to see you and I truly hope
you’re feeling well me too thanks for

now today I’m filming all that with the
Finlay palm just to give you an insight
whether it is good for vlogging or not
and right now I’m kind of under (?)
centimeters away from the camera and I’m
in the so-called selfie mode which has
this rectangle around my face so that I
know it’s tracking me and it’s going to
be optimal in terms of quality now I
said this is a vlogging test apparently
we’re testing the internal microphone by
the time I’m recording this part of the
video the external microphone is going
to be a specific adapter it’s not ready

The External Microphone

so probably if you’re wondering how to
get it to check the ( down below this article ) and you’re
probably going to get some idea of how
the external microphone is working
now the Femi power most of the people is
compared to the DGA Osmo pockets which
is partially fine I say partially
because of the giant pocket is more
cinematic sports fielder’s support
shouldn’t control a small premium and on
top of that has a better field of view
for as we mentioned more cinematic
footage and it feels like more a

smartphone camera on a gimbal while the
female palm is a rather mid-range action
a camera on a gimbal basically you have a
fist infinity focus and your stuff like
the Osmo pocket where you can get
yourself focused and then the background
is the focus of the so-called shallow
apparently, we don’t count on that over
here but it does
a lot of other good and interesting
features and let’s talk about them I’m
gonna make this article to be more about
the Femi palm rather than comparing to
the Osmo pocket because once you get to
know its specs and features and
performance it’s gonna be quite easy to
compare what merits you the most by
yourself references to the pocket are
inevitable so you will hear such from
time to time

The DJI Osmo pockets

concerning the monetary dimensions there
have been numerous events around the
launch event going below (?) bucks the
the regular version is gonna cost somewhere
around 220 and it’s still a lot cheaper
than the DJI Osmo pockets which is often
priced between (price maybe change when you buy) this
difference of more than a hundred bucks is
quite serious it’s already stated I
perceive this to be an action camera
with the lens mounted on a tiny 3 axis

with the idea to offer the perfect kind
of stabilization because when it comes
to mechanical stabilization only
advantages are numerous the devices used
slower shutter speeds which improve the
low-light footage there is no
disturbing artifacts truth is that this
year there will be fierce competition
about devices of that kind involving the
Snooper vm8 failure pocket possibly
the second generation of DG eyes pocket
series so far the palm seems to cover
most of the features that were absent
from the gi’s device because right now

The Unboxing Experience

at the time making the video the ocean
pocket is the only available to compare
to actually, I was a little disappointed
by the unboxing experience of course we
can well understand what Femi had to do
in order to get the potentially right
corners but it felt cheaper than usual
this is an area where it was rather easy
to beat the GI apparently not with this
one only the found device and

instructions leaflet and the charging
the cable inside one thing which is not
visible from the video is the feeling of
the material feels a lot cheaper than
the Osmo pocket and felt cheaper than
most budget action cams have recently
tested the cap protecting the cameras
also cheaply made and I really dislike
the lack of case protection with the
Osmo I’m quite confident in keeping
the device inside a pocket with keys and I
will never do that with the female palm
because it only has protection for the
cam module specifications are

Multiple Action Cameras

the interesting chipset on the inside is
high silicon and we know it’s
performance is really good based on the
multiple action cameras tested with it
here on the website like the acaso v 50x
the cam Park V 30 and so on truth is
that it’s not a top-performing high-end
chipset but is in fact ticking all the
boxes for what most people need good
processing and resolutions up to 4k at
30 frames per second and even high
efficiency video codec if you need slow
motion either 2.7 K at 60 frames per

second or 1080p at 60 frames per second
or use the dedicated slow-mo format in
1080 P wide-angle lens with 128 degrees
field of view a 1 by 2.6-inch sensor and
a big note this sensor is smaller than
on the DJI Osmo pocket
therefore the low-light performance for
the palm is not as good and the overall
optics and processing construction is at
a much more basic level you can never
get this beautiful background defocusing
which makes the Osmo pocket more like a
camera grade device the Femi bomb has
fixed infinity focus and while this has

A big Benefit of Knowing

some drawbacks we should highlight the
a big benefit of knowing that everything
will be focused when needed because it
took months until the GI make they’re
all focusing better and it still is
something quite often and even a year
later I keep on using the AFS mode so
that it keeps the focus one selected
because it is still not reliable enough
and may never be but the truth is that
the Osmo pocket can deliver true

cinematic footage and supports way more
advanced controls including shared speed
control which is especially important if
you want to follow the hundred eighty
degree rule for video capturing the Femi
palm can note that but has been cleverly
designed to have the same dimensions on
the camera as the DJI device and because
that part is made of metal the magnet
based ND filters you already may have
for the Osmo pocket

Switch Between Different Fields

fit here too it’s actually pretty nice
because you have both devices now we can
switch between different fields of view
and odor focus versus infinity focus
quite easily the rest of the specs we
have Wi-Fi there’s a very large one
thousand milliamp-hour battery which
gives up to four hours of shooting time
and the three axes of the stabilization
to offer very good responsiveness it can
be of course fine-tuned through the app
and also there’s a joystick to control
all that just as a reference for the

Osmo pockets you need to purchase a
Wi-Fi module separately and a control
wheel separately again you can buy all
that at once using the so-called
expansion kit and that will make it
exactly twice more expensive than the
Femi palm there will also be an external
mic adapter since it’s not out yet I’ve
tried the one for the Osmo pocket and
also the type-c mic adapters from the
latest scam and Firefly cameras and
none of them worked here an additional
free of charge bonus we get is the
mounting threat and unlike its more
expensive brother the Femi palm has this
as a default feature, one thing is clear

Quick Control

the hardware included at that price is
really good therefore time to see how
that converts into footage first we’re
going to examine the navigation it’s all
very intuitive that screen and most of
the important places are one swipe away
main sections about video playback
settings change of modes if it’s up
the lower corner that’s quick control to the
ISO or exposure the top area quick
switch for the resolutions these are
experience about controlling the menus
is superb in my opinion this is not
better than what DJI did with their

pocket but as mentioned there’s no
shadow control the two buttons are very
easy to get used to the one on the left
is actually the joystick but it also has
a press function that switches between
the modes via long-press the right one
is the power and shutter button single
press to start recording double press to
resent a tribal press to enable selfie
mode turning the camera by 180 degrees
I’ve primarily focused on testing the
video modes and 4k is good however not

Dynamic Range

great there’s some noise visible even on
bright days and there certainly are some
areas where dynamic range is not that
good especially challenging scenes with
a lot of light and dark areas
also when moving around you can notice
in the edges the results of the
distortion Corrections and being placed
off the centermost objects will look
where it which is perfectly normal for
such a wide-angle lens
often the videos are too soft perhaps
that can be proved by filming with their
next firmware updates I just got one by
the way and it’s good to see updates
happening from time to time because
the device has Wi-Fi and not just Wi-Fi but

5g Wi-Fi as well-meaning fast the
controls are so easy and that makes
taking stills particularly easy motion
time-lapse is however are not yet
supported and I notice there’s something
not right about time lapses via the app
in general for the most enthusiastic
videographers there’s also the Flog
feature giving you more room for color
grading in post-production something
like the V lock

Tracking it’s actually pretty good

yeah we want to try these follow
function and I’m doing nothing here are
my hands and I could just be moving like
that and eat those I’m here it’s
tracking it’s actually pretty good
surprisingly glass shards gonna fail now
let’s try well I don’t have my
sunglasses but the tracking is still
pretty good in the end the Femi palm is
certainly a fantastic videography tool
and maybe one of the most convenient
vlogging devices at this moment due to
the wide-angle lens in the fixed focus
by far better about that purpose than
the existing competition which is at the
moment limited to the Osmo pocket but in

pure videography and maybe photography
capabilities fall behind the Osmo
the pocket which was kind of expected
started image weak processing of high
contrast environments like a shallow
depth of field and only up to 30 frames
per second in 4k but considering
the fact that for the price of (price maybe change when you buy) bucks
you receive a very well developed action
camera with the gimbal good app and
support for an external microphone the Femi
palm has just become the device to beat
in terms of price for what it offers
would be good to hear from you too do
you like the footage will you choose

The Pocket Gimbal Camera

this over the Osmo pocket and is the new
the trend for action cams let’s talk about
all that in the comments a Michael and
to a very much appreciate if you helped
at least by liking and sharing the article
with friends please support me by using
the links posted in the down below
should you decide to buy the device and
look around for discounts special thanks
to per gear who provided me with this
testing unit stay safe take good care of
yourself enjoy life and I’ll see you


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