Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S Can Now Run Discord: Here’s How

Xbox Series, After first being rumoured, then announced, and then put into beta, Xbox gamers will finally be able to run Discord. With the new feature, users don’t have to use another device to open the app while playing. Instead, they can run the app from the console itself.

It worked to add Discord to the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X/S.

Xbox One and Xbox Series

Online gaming has always been about being able to talk to other players while playing games. The problem with talking during a game, though, is that it can limit some players and isn’t always that good.
The good news is that Discord is finally coming to the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Players will be able to chat with each other while playing other games without leaving the console. Players can now connect on more channels thanks to a new integration.

As reported by Engadget, the feature was first tested by “insiders” in July. An Xbox article says that voice chats on Discord are finally available to gamers on the Xbox One, the Xbox Series X, and the Xbox Series S.

First Step to Using Discord on Xbox Consoles

With the new integration, users on Xbox, PC, and mobile devices will be able to join the same voice channels and talk to each other. The Yahoo Finance article says that players only need to do a few simple things to get started.
First Step to Using Discord on Xbox Consoles

Users will have to link their Discord and Xbox accounts together before they can use Discord on the Xbox. If a user has already done this, other players should be able to see their gamertag.

If the gamertag has been seen before, players will have to link their accounts again and give the necessary voice permissions for the integration to work. The steps that come after this can be tricky, so players should do them one at a time.

On Discord, players will have to choose “Join on Xbox

On Discord, players will have to choose “Join on Xbox”.

With the new integration, players will still need a PC or mobile phone to make calls. Instead, players will have to start or join calls on Discord from their PC or mobile device and then transfer the call to their Xbox.
Once players have connected their accounts, a “Join on Xbox” button will appear on Discord. When players click on this button, the process will start.


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