Mid-concert, Wiz Khalifa fans evacuate Ruoff amid disturbance reports.

Around 10:30 p.m. Friday, people began leaving the Ruoff Music Center in Noblesville, where Wiz Khalifa was performing.

Wiz Khalifa fans evacuate Ruoff amid disturbance

Some of them yelled that there might have been a shooting, but a Noblesville Police spokesman told IndyStar that he didn’t know what happened. 
No shots were heard or seen from the part of the crowd near the front and left side of the stage. Most people left through the main entrance, but some had to climb over wire fences or open gates to get out.

As soon as the music stopped, Khalifa and his band left the stage.

Some people in the audience were on their cell phones in the parking lot for Ruoff’s employees. Others wept and comforted each other. Some people ran into the fields next to the place of the event. 
In the back parking lot, there were police cars and an ambulance.

Khalifa had been on stage for about 45 minutes. He was on the Vinyl Verse tour with another rapper, Logic. The night ended with his set. Fedd the God and 24kGoldn were two of the first acts of the night.


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