Why iPhone cases are a waste of money

You use one because you use one, right? You don’t trust yourself. Apple says that maybe now is the time to break out.

There has been a long period of this.

I can’t remember when this became a habit, but it seems like the vast majority of people do it now.

No, I don’t mean posting photos of your fancy dessert on Instagram. This is much simpler. This is the tendency to cover your phone with a case.

The phone is so pretty when you buy it. The same as in the ads. But then you spend $20 on a hideous piece of rubber to cover up its beauty.

Are you afraid of dropping it if you don’t? Or do you trick yourself into thinking that a case will make you carefully made the phone stand out?

Yes, some cases are really, really cute. Who wouldn’t want to decorate their phone with sparkles? Who buys a beautiful blue iPhone and then wraps it in a hideous black case?

I think Apple is tired of this. already enough.

Have you ever seen a person in charge at Apple put a case on their iPhone? You haven’t done it. But even this one example hasn’t been enough. So, the company has now put out an ad that is probably meant to help you stop being so ugly and unattractive.

On the edge of a table is an iPhone 13. It’s not true. The bell starts to ring.

You know what happens when an iPhone on vibrate is set down on a hard surface, right? It moves around. It starts moving. Just like if you left a salad spinner going on your kitchen counter.

But you know what’s going to happen here? The music makes you feel better.


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