Which is better for pizza, OTG or Microwave?

Do you want to make delicious pizzas at home? Are you confused about which appliance, OTG or Microwave, will be the best for cooking pizza? If yes! You came to the right place. In this article, we will help you decide whether you should get a Microwave oven or an OTG for baking better pizzas at home. We will compare both on their features, benefits, convection mode, price and which one provides better functionality. All these will help you determine which one you should select for making delicious pizzas at home.

Benefits of cooking pizza in OTG and Microwave:

You can easily make your pizza at home in OTG or Microwave. It entirely depends on the ingredients and the time you can invest in preparing the pizza. For a crispy and delicious crust, you can bake it in OTG or microwave oven. Although if you are using OTG, take care of the baking stone. It should be of good quality. However, there are certain benefits of using OTG or Microwave. Let’s find out what they are:

OTG: You should go for an OTG if you have time to spend. It will take around 60 minutes to create the perfect 9-inch pizza. Although the time seems to be a little too long, the end result will be worth all the waiting. Besides, you can use an OTG to reheat your food and stir-fried curries. It is best to pick an OTG with two heating rods and a fan to provide an equal amount of heat to all parts of the food. OTGs are better quality than a microwave oven, as they caramelize or make the food crispy.

Microwave Oven: Well, this one is for those who don’t have time to invest in making a pizza. It behaves like an oven and lets you bake your cookies, bread and other delicious foods. However, a microwave oven lacks the flavour of pizza and doesn’t give you the crisp you get from a pizza that came from an authentic oven. Besides, microwaves can excite water and reduce browning. Microwave ovens have a similar temperature range to OTGs. You can also use a microwave oven to reheat your food in just five minutes.

Convection mode comparison of OTG and Microwave oven:

Have you ever wondered if making a pizza without spending time and money? The convection setting may work best for you. Both OTG and Microwave ovens come with fans that can spread the hot air into all corners of the food that is placed inside. It will cook your food faster if it is not dependent on natural convection to spread the heat. This will help in cooking your pizza or any other food conveniently.

While you cook pizza in convection mode, the baking surface heats up and decreases the hot spots, resulting in your food being cooked evenly on all racks. You will find a fan and exhaust system with a microwave oven to cook your pizza well. Besides, you can add the toppings once your pizza is cooked for 10 minutes.

Price Comparison of OTG and Microwave:

If you are on a budget yet want to invest in an OTG or Microwave oven, it will be great to add an OTG into your kitchen. The price of OTGs starts from 6,000 rupees and can go maximum to 12,000 rupees only. Whereas a convection microwave can be quite pricy. The basic microwave oven price starts from 10,000 to 15,000 rupees and can rise to 35,000 or more depending on features and size. However, the cost of both OTG and Microwave ovens will differ depending on size. Both are worth investments if you want to prepare a market like pizza at home. Comparatively, the price of the basic modelled OTG is lower than a Microwave oven.

Functions, Microwave and OTG Oven

The hunt becomes much easier if you know what you are looking for. Similarly, if you know about the functions offered by OTG and Microwave ovens, making a decision will also become easy. Both, Microwave oven and OTG can work well in helping you prepare the pizza. You already know which will help you save time and which will bring out the best flavours from your pizza. However, there are other factors, such as noise and temperature, to look for. Go for a microwave if you want a quiet and quick operation. Besides, you can select an OTG if you’re going to perfectly cook your food at the right temperature.  


Microwave oven and OTG have specific characteristics, and you can rely on them both. However, if we compare them on thinking which is better for pizza, you can consider that OTG in winning by some points. OTGs are affordable, bring out the best flavours and can be used in several ways. However, it takes a bit more time to cook. On the other hand, Microwave is also not very behind in the competition. It works very fast and operates in quality. You can select anyone that fits your requirements.

The prime motive behind constructing this article was to provide the best information to our readers. Hope it was successful in serving its purpose.


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