Which EMR is more suitable for your practice—EpicCare EMR or Kareo EMR?

Are you searching for an EMR for your practice? We understand that not all businesses have the time or resources to look at a variety of services thoroughly. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of suggestions that might be of help. EpicCare and Kareo EMR are our top choices in EMR software.

What is EpicCare and Kareo EMR?

EpicCare EMR ambulatory software allows doctors to monitor the patient’s medical progress. Health organizations around the world use EpicCare to manage a small number of their daily operations such as appointment scheduling, billing, and payment. A module can meet every demand. It includes clinical trials, an app for mobile, analytics, and medical data.

It has been proven to increase the efficiency and productivity of healthcare providers and overall revenue. Clinics may experience an increase in patients and a higher level of traffic. Clinicians will notice an increase in efficiency.

Kareo EMR software, a cloud-based provider of health IT, provides EMR and Practice Management software as well as Revenue Cycle Management (RCM). Kareo Clinical EMR Software (EHR) is ICD-10 Ready and Stage 2 Certified.

With its advanced PM software, the Kareo EMR system facilitates a seamless workflow between front and back offices. Kareo Practice Management Software is ideal for office managers and handles scheduling, insurance confirmation, collections procedure, patient file administration and configurable reports output.

Let’s compare EpicCare EMR and Kareo EMR.

EpicCare EMR

  • EpicCare’s MyChart Patient Portal allows patients to access their personal and family health information from their mobile devices. They can also schedule appointments, send notes and fill out surveys. MyChart Bedside allows hospitalized patients to see their schedules, request assistance from a doctor, communicate, exchange messages and complete questionnaires. Patients can also receive personalized treatment plans. MyChart also makes it easier to schedule potential patients online and make them new patients.
  • Analytics: Epic allows those who are familiar with the patient’s condition to search across populations for suspicious behavior and create dashboards. You can also combine many sources of clinical, financial, operational and financial data into one data warehouse. This tool allows users to share and organize their analytics content via a web portal.
  • Community Health Portal: Users can use the integrated site to order imaging and lab work, fill out care gaps, schedule appointments and much more.
  • Epic offers the following specialties and ancillaries: nephrology; obstetrics; oncology; dentistry, dermatology. ENT, endoscopy. ENT, fertility. Home health, lab, long term care, rheumatology. Transplant, wound care and urgent care. It also has modules for radiology and orthoptics, oncology and wound care.
  • Telehealth: Doctors can monitor and treat patients remotely using the EpicCare EMR’s telehealth function. Telehealth uses various technologies to manage chronic diseases and ICU monitoring.
  • AI: Epic offers embedded machine-learning algorithms at the point to care. Its cloud-based architecture makes it easier to deploy different AI models.
  • Epic Share: Epic Share allows customers to expand their systems to include independent clinics. This allows them to keep billing separate and schedule separately.

Kareo- Key features

  • Comprehensive Dashboard: Access task lists, a multi-resource calendar and a simple dashboard.
  • Convenient eLabs – Use Kareo eLabs for paper-based tasks automation.
  • Electronic Superbills: In just a few clicks, complete and submit a precise superbill.
  • E-Prescribing is simple: Using electronic prescribing you and your staff can save time and reduce the number of phone calls. Help your patients save money.
  • Comprehensive Patient Portal: Access billing and medical records data and securely communicate with patients at any time.
  • Relevant Use Certification for Stage 2: Meets the highest standards for data privacy and information sharing.
  • Maximize productivity. Increase productivity. Your team can support the entire practice workflow by sending secure messages, managing patients and uploading documents.
  • Agenda Overview: A summary of the agenda. You can see all information in one glance.
  • Discounts on Integrated Prescriptions: At the time you take your medication, discounts are offered for integrated prescriptions. You can increase your patients’ likelihood of completing their medications by offering them discounts so that they can save money.

EpicCare vs. Kareo user feedback:

Many EpicCare users love EpicCare’s extensive features and appreciate its user-friendly features. It also increases transparency and makes it easier for healthcare professionals to access patient records from different locations. Many users are intimidated by the system’s vast capabilities and need assistance to use shortcuts. The majority of users complain that the system is difficult to use, expensive, often unavailable and offers very little help. Despite the negative reviews, many reviewers still recommended EpicCare to friends and colleagues, placing EpicCare at top of the EHR software supplier list.

Kareo EMR offers excellent templates and forms. The SALT Feature streamlines documentation and saves time. It can also be used immediately and requires minimal training. It also offers great implementation support. EHR notes are professionally formatted and presented. Users love that they can choose the Care Coordination option from each message. They enjoy having my billing, records, Reputation Watch, client engagement, HIPAA-approved/secured Telehealth platform, and much more from a single vendor.

Kareo EMR is open to receiving feedback and continues to improve its services. They also go above and beyond to demonstrate their worth to clients by providing outstanding communication, accountability and follow-through. Kareo EMR offers a better platform at a reasonable price. They are highly recommended. Users feel that the referral system needs to be improved. It has become a pain to use the Erx requests section. If a patient requires six prescriptions, each must be clicked on individually and approved or denied. Sometimes software fails to load or malfunctions for days. This can cause problems for patients and doctors.

Which is more expensive? Kareo EMR or EpicCare EMR:

Kareo’s starting price is $150 per provider/month plus 4% to 9.9% (collections), which is significantly lower than the average price for medical software. EpicCare EMR is more expensive than its competitors, at $1,200 per annum. Simply put, Kareo is more expensive than EpicCare MMR.

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