What to Wear on a First Date

How to pick the perfect date outfit. The right look can make or break your date, so follow these easy steps to look good and feel great in what you’re wearing. Having confidence in your outfit is going to make the whole experience better.

Wear on a First Date

all I’m saying is these moves got me a
hotwife that i love very much so they
must work a little bit right hello
friends parker here if you are a
newcomer around here we are all about
building your confidence through fashion
and lifestyle choices that are not going
to break the bank so if that sounds like
something you’re into
join the gang the right date outfit can
totally make or break your experience
and i know some people are gonna be like

well i gotta get a date first but have
you ever thought about reverse
engineering this picking out an amazing
date outfit that you’re really excited
to wear might actually give you that
confidence you need to go ask that
person out
so let me show you a quick little
process you can follow to pick out the
perfect date outfit every single time
you definitely don’t want to wear the
same thing to a coffee date that you
would wear to a nice dinner date so
being aware of the activity that you’re
doing is a really smart fact to know

Wear on a First Date
Wear on a First Date

My favorite first date

also check the weather maybe it’s going
to be colder than you expected or
there’s some rain in the forecast you
didn’t know about bringing an umbrella
and then having that for your date major
bonus points once you know the facts of
your activity and what the weather looks
like move on to step two
something during the daytime like coffee
was always my favorite first date when i
was single because if it goes well you
can spend the rest of your day together

i’m having a great time do you want to
keep hanging out go to lunch go to
dinner it could be amazing but then if
it goes really badly i’d love to keep
hanging out but
i have a thing you can have an excuse
ready and bounce and have the rest of
your day to yourself if you are going to
something in the evening like a dinner
that’s great but if it’s at a restaurant
you’ve never been to before google it
pull it up on yelp figure out what the
dress code is because if you show up and
you look wrong it’s just going to be in
your head planning ahead in these ways

Date Outfit always has to Accomplish

just makes it a lot more likely that the
date is going to go in your favor
on to actually getting dressed the
important thing here the number one
thing that a date outfit always has to
accomplish is it has to make you feel
good make you feel confident nerves are
understandable but if you’re also
nervous about what you’re wearing that’s
just an extra thing to worry about so
worrying about it beforehand figuring
out something that works for you and
makes you feel good that just clears

Date Outfit always has to Accomplish
Date Outfit always has to Accomplish

your mind of one extra thing for a
daytime date like coffee or whatever
stick with things that are a little bit
more casual my go-to’s are dark jeans
and some minimal sneakers like vans are
just an all leather simple sneaker on
the bottom up top i’d do a dark t-shirt
maybe you know a little shirt over the
top like i’m wearing right now or a
light jacket you definitely don’t want
to overdo it but be sure that you are
following the weather report like we
talked about i’m keeping it dark even
for a daytime date like this because

Feel sexy with a big coffee stain

if something spills i know i’m not gonna
have to worry about having a big visible
stain on my shirt or on my pants no
one’s gonna feel sexy with a big coffee
stain on their crotch for an evening
event like the classic dinner in a movie
don’t be afraid to dress up a little bit
like they always say you’d rather be
overdressed than underdressed for me i’m
going with a nice fitted pair of dark
chino pants maybe even some dark black
jeans if it’s a really casual evening
personally i hate wearing sneakers at
night i always opt for boots they add a

little bit of height they’re very
it just makes me feel a lot more
confident than wearing a sneaker up top
keep it simple a nice sweater maybe a
button-up shirt and then a jacket or
some type of over shirt make sure you
have an outer layer this is a strategic
move because even if you are someone who
overheats or you really don’t need the
jacket if you’re going to a movie or
you’re going on a walk after you finish
your dinner maybe it’ll get a little bit

Feel sexy with a big coffee stain
Feel sexy with a big coffee stain

Many Bonus Points

cold and then you have an outer layer to
give to your date
and be chivalrous it’s planning ahead
it’s having those things in the back of
your mind to show your date that you
cared enough to be considerate you’re
gonna score so many bonus points you’re
welcome important note if you bought
something brand new for this date love
it totally with that but
don’t wait until the date to wear it for
the very first time even if it’s just
hanging out at the house or to run an
errand or if you bought it a few days
before wear it at some point

so that you’re not wearing a stiff piece
of brand new clothing on your date
you’re a little bit more comfortable in
it because you’ve already felt it on
your body
some general rules to keep in mind dark
colors are slimming they’re going to
hide spills theyll hide sweat if you’re
nervous or if it’s hot whatever a date
especially a first date is not the time
to make a major fashion statement even
if you’re super into style like me and
you like to push the boundaries and have
fun with it save that for later a first
date especially is really just allowing

Personality Acrossultimately

you to get your personality across
ultimately it’s allowing you to feel
great in what you’re wearing so that you
can have a nice time and hopefully
be with this person for the long term
you know i think that most of the time
that’s why we go on dates to try and
meet our person ideally that’s the goal
right remember you’re gonna be able to
use this for any type of date even if
you’re going to something super fancy
still follow those night out rules and
just boost it up a little bit wear

Personality Acrossultimately
Personality Acrossultimately

something on the fancier side of things
like a blazer and dress shoes instead of
a casual jacket and boots one year from
now i need you guys to send me
anniversary photos
from the date that you got ready for
and you watched this article and you killed it
and you met the person that you’re gonna
be with and you’re gonna live happily
ever after it’s such a beautiful story
as always if you guys have any questions
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