Weight loss can result in saggy skin, but it can be prevented

If you want to know how to tighten your skin after losing weight, these five tips can help you make your skin look better and get rid of this problem.

Weight loss sagging skin

As you work hard to lose a few pounds, you may wish you had a tighter, more toned body. But if you lose a lot of weight and your skin starts to sag, you’re bound to feel a little sad. Losing weight to deal with obesity can make it much less likely that you will get sick. But it can sometimes cause the skin to get loose.

This is a pretty common thing that can happen when you lose weight. In fact, a review by PubMed Central and the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that up to 70% of people who have bariatric surgery may also have it. Even if this is normal and not a sign of a problem, it can still be uncomfortable and make your skin look older. So, how can you tighten your skin after losing weight? Let’s find out.

Health Shots talked to Dr. Rinky Kapoor, Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetic Dermatologist, and Dermato-Surgeon, The Esthetic Clinics, about how to fix this skin problem caused by losing weight.

Dr. Kapoor says, “Besides making you look better, maintaining a healthy weight has many health benefits, like a healthy heart and metabolism and skin that glows. Losing weight has only one side effect, which is skin that is loose and lackluster.

What makes the skin hang after you lose weight? 

People who have lost a lot of weight through the best weight loss supplement like KetoCharge or exercise often find the loose skin annoying. Dr. Kapoor says, “The amount of loose skin doesn’t depend on how much weight you lose, but on many other things, like how you eat, your genes, whether or not you smoke, and how much time you spend in the sun.”

The good news is that simple treatments can help stop loose skin or treat it. He also says, “Collagen and elastic fibers become less tight, which causes loose skin.” This makes you look older, and the folds in your skin can be a place for bacteria to grow, which can give you an infection or make you chafe.

Follow these five tips to avoid having loose skin after losing weight:

1. Exercise

Getting stronger and lifting weights can help you gain muscle mass, which can help fill out your skin and make it look less like it’s hanging loose. This will make your skin look better and firmer.

2. Diet

It is important to add collagen to your diet if you want your skin to get tighter. Bone broth, eggs, meat, fish, and spirulina all have it. Dr. Kapoor says, “If you eat a lot of protein and drink a lot of water, your skin will be elastic and flexible, and you won’t get dehydrated.” You should also eat foods that are high in vitamin C and vitamin E to help collagen and skin health.

3. Treatments that don’t hurt you

Non-invasive treatments like radiofrequency and infrared light send energy under the skin to shrink the cells and make new collagen and elastin. This makes the skin firm and flexible.

4. Skin-tightening surgery

These include a group of procedures like the popular tummy tuck, arm lifts, breast lifts, face lifts, and lower body lifts. The surgeon cuts away the extra skin and fat and wraps the skin around the body to make it look smoother. But you can only get this surgery if your weight has been stable for the past six months and it’s been more than two years since you had weight loss surgery.

5. Firming creams

This may not be the best way to solve the problem, but it can make a difference. By making more collagen and elastin molecules, firming creams help to make the skin look better. Always choose one with anti-aging ingredients like retinoids and collagen. Use them every day to take care of your skin and keep it healthy.

Can compression clothes help with sagging skin?

You’ve probably already seen compression clothes that promise to take care of loose skin. But keep in mind that they don’t make loose skin better. Instead, they just make it look better. It can help reduce irritation, pain, itching, and the chance of getting an infection, but it won’t make the skin tighter.

Talk to your cosmetic surgeon about the best way to keep off the weight you’ve lost and prevent or treat loose skin.


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