Zac Efron reveals he 'almost died

Zac Efron says he "almost died" after breaking his jaw and chin, which led to rumours of plastic surgery in 2021. 

The actor has said before that the big change in his face was actually caused by a bad accident at home. 

Efron said he slipped while running at home, hit the corner of a fountain, passed out, and woke up with his "chin bone hanging off" his face. 

He says that because of the injury, his facial muscles got "really, really big." He worked with a physical therapist to try to stop their growth. 

He then talks about how his "masseter muscles grew" when he took a break in Australia. 

Fans noticed that the star looked different in April 2021, which led to rumours that he had decided to get plastic surgery

On Tuesday, he told Entertainment Tonight, "It was funny." It's bad. I almost died, but everything is fine. 
Zac Efron says that he "almost died"