World leaders travelling to the UK for Queen’s funera

  Hospitals have been told that people going to the funeral should have to pay to use them, just like tourists and people from outside the European Union, The Times reports.

The article says that Sir David Sloman, the chief operating officer of NHS England, told managers in an email that they should "ensure that

those who are not entitled to free healthcare at the point of use are charged appropriately."   The rules don't apply to emergenc

care or doctor's appointments, so they shouldn't be a problem for leaders like Joe Biden, who have their own medical teams on hand. However

they could be a problem for other people.   It is the latest in a long list of demands that some people find hard to believe.

For example, British officials have asked world leaders not to use private planes or cars to get to the funeral but instead to take commercial jets or coaches.  

But some world leaders with more influence, like US Vice President Joe Biden, have been allowed to use their own cars