Wordle has been keeping me up at night. Literally. Almost every time I have a new puzzle to solve, I stay up past midnight.

Since I came up with a new two-step plan that seems to work every time, the game has become even more fun for me. My current win streak is 32, which may

not seem like much to you but is a personal best for me. I thought I'd explain my strategy so you can start your own winning streak (or keep yours going for

days to come). If you're reading this, you already know what Wordle is. Josh Wardle made the puzzle (get it? Wardle is a word. In January,

The New York Times paid a lot of money for it. The online game gives you six chances to guess a five-letter word that is chosen at random.

If you get the letters right, they show up in different colours depending on where they belong in the word. It's fun and easy to get into.  

I used the same words to start sentences for a long time, and they usually worked. I used "ADIEU" for a long time to get a lot of vowels, and then I would move

on to "STORY" to get the other two vowels (and sometimes Y!) and some other major consonants. And this plan is still a good one. I might do it again if I feel

And this plan is still a good one. I might do it again if I feel like I'm stuck.

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