Why vintage band T-shirts are still a hit

The item of clothing that supermodels, world-famous rappers, and other style leaders want the most right now isn't sold in shops on the Place Vendôme

It's at the bottom of a big industrial tub in a rag house, which is a large building in North America that holds a lot of used clothes. At a time when old-school

T-shirts are more popular than ever, these places are a haven for people who collect and sell them. With Givenchy, Coach

and Vetements showing vintage-style T-shirts on the runway, the originals are once again getting a lot of attention. More than 20 million people

have watched videos with the hashtag "vintagetshirt" on TikTok, and in September 2020, a promotional T-shirt for the Disney movie Aladdin was

sold on the website of Los Angeles-based seller Chris Fernandez for $6,000. People started talking about a vintage T-shirt bubble after the sale,

but as more and more Gen-Z consumers enter the market, the second-hand rag trade shows no signs of popping or slowing down.