Italy is preparing for the shock as Russia gets ready to cut off its gas supply to Europe this week for a few days, ostensibly to perform maintenance on its

Nord Stream gas pipeline. New aid measures are expected to be announced by the end of August, and an emergency energy-saving plan is already in place.

As the cost of importing energy in Europe and elsewhere grows and climatic concerns cause havoc, interest in nuclear power is growing as countries search

for alternate energy sources. Following the Fukushima tragedy in Japan in 2011, the worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl in 1986, governments began to

lose confidence in nuclear power, which led to a reduction in investment. As a harsh winter approaches, electricity prices in Europe are rising. 

On Friday, electricity costs in Europe jumped to all-time highs, portending a harsh winter as Russia's invasion of Ukraine hurts the continent's economy.

The year-ahead contract for energy in Germany hit 995 euros ($995) per megawatt hour, while the same figure in France soared beyond 1,100 euros.

Both prices are significantly higher than they were the previous year. As energy prices rise, Italy will implement new aid measures. 

Ministers stated on Friday, as prices hit a new high, that the departing Italian government

was putting emergency preparations in place to conserve energy and keep costs down. 

The electricity and gas price caps in Britain will almost double starting in October, according to energy regulator Ofgem.

Corriere della Sera says that a new order should come out by the end of August, and ministers promised on Friday that the government

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