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Weird In general, Al Yankovic and Daniel Radcliffe will never be confused for each other. Yankovic is a tall, long-haired guy from Southern California

who learned to play the accordion well and parodies pop music like no one else. Radcliffe is the smaller "Harry Potter" star who was born in London and has since moved on to a wide range of acting roles.

Still, when they were both on the set of the new movie "Weird: The Al Yankovic Story" last winter, it sometimes got confusing. When people on the

set wanted "Weird Al," they meant the actor who played him, which was Radcliffe. Eventually, to make things clearer, they started calling the real Yankovic "Real Al," but this didn't make things any less confusing.

In a recent conversation with Radcliffe, Yankovic said, "Every time I walked by the 'Weird Al' sign on your trailer, I'd be like"—he paused and did a double take—"Oh, no, that's not me." 

This is what the people who made "Weird" hope will happen when the biopic comes out on Roku on Nov. 4. It is a wildly satirical and mostly made-

up story about Yankovic's rise from a geeky young accordionist to the beloved performer of hit songs like "My Bologna," "Another One Rides the

Bus," and "Eat It." It is filled with stories about sex, drugs, and jungle combat that never really happened to him.

Yankovic said of the song "Weird," which he wrote with the film's director, Eric Appel, "I hope this confuses a lot of people." "We want to get them to

think, 'Is this really a biopic?' Is this really what happened? The beginning of the movie is pretty normal. Then it gets more and more off track."

Radcliffe, who is a big fan of Yankovic but doesn't look like him and didn't want to try to impersonate him, was chosen to play the lead role because of this premise.