‘What’s Love Got To Do With It?’ Review

What's Love Got to Do With It? It has nothing to do with the Tina Turner biopic of the same name (without the question mark)

This serves as a great example of how to stick to the classic formula for a romantic comedy while still making something that is funny

and romantic at the same time. Shekhar Kapur, known for movies like "Elizabeth" and "Bandit Queen,

made his first rom-com with "Cross Culture." It may not be the first movie to look at arranged marriages in the age of Tinder

but Kapur's soulful touch, working from a smart script by Jemima Khan, hits all the right notes. 

Add to that a lovely lead performance by Lily James and a bitingly funny one by Emma Thompson, and you have the kind of world premiere

TIFF film that tends to do well when the annual People's Choice votes are counted. Working Title Films' name being in the credits doesn't come as a surprise