With her new video for a podcast, Wendy Williams worries her fans. Wendy Williams's fans had different reactions to her new video promoting her upcoming podcast.

The former daytime talk show host posted a new video to her Instagram account about her next project, "The Wendy Experience." In the video,

she said, "Co-hosts, I'm famous, and I'll be back. Trust me." The video showed Williams sitting on what looked like a bed, and then it cut to a picture with the name of the podcast.

Fans were worried about the 58-year-old shock jock as soon as they saw the comments. "I love you, Auntie, but trust me, we'd rather you get better than bring us all the dirty news."

"I care more about you than that," wrote one of your followers. "Get well first!!! "That's the most important thing," said someone else.

"She seems strange." "I hope she's okay," said someone else. One fan wrote, "Not even going to lie, I was on live and closed out, then I saw your face, and it scared the tf out of me."

This was a reference to how her health has changed how she looks. Page Six has said that the "How You Doin'?" host's family has been worried about her for the past year,

ever since she left her show before the last season to take care of her health. When she lied and said she had just gotten married to an NYPD officer,

fears about her mental and physical health grew. "There's something wrong. It's different for Wendy... "She's gone backwards like crazy,

her family in Florida is very worried about her," a source told Page Six. William Selby, who works for Williams,

told us before that the podcast should start around the middle of August, but he also said that Williams isn't quite ready to go back to work.

"She tells me she wants to do the podcast every day." Selby said. She wants to do this thing today, but I'm trying to stop her, Selby said,

adding that Williams isn't "100 percent" yet. "Could she improve? Yes. Still, more needs to be done to put her in a position where she can be better portrayed.

I just want her memory to be kept alive and respected.

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