In the new trailer for "Weird: The Al Yankovic Story," Daniel Radcliffe rhymes "surgeon" with "virgin," and Evan Rachel Wood plays Madonna.

The Roku Channel original film, which had its world premiere at TIFF and will start streaming on November 4, is definitely as "weird" as it sounds.

In fact, the real Yankovic co-wrote the film with director Eric Appel. Radcliffe plays a musician who wants to be famous by making fun of famous songs.

Radcliffe, playing Weird Al, says in the trailer, "I'm sick of people thinking I'm some kind of joke." "All I've ever wanted to do is write new words to an old song," he said.

"Weird: The Al Yankovic Story," which was made by Funny or Die and Tango and stars Will Ferrell and Rainn Wilson, is the "true story of the greatest

musician of our time, Al Yankovic." It was produced by Funny or Die and Tango. According to the official summary, Al grew up in a traditional family

where playing the accordion was considered a sin. He rebelled against this and made his dream of changing the words of world-famous songs come

true. Al became famous quickly and became a sex symbol. He lives a wild life and pursues a famous romance that almost kills him.

TIFF announces the lineups for Midnight, Discovery, and Wavelengths, including "The Al Yankovic Story" and "Pearl" by Ti West.

Madonna says that making changes to the biopic script is like "hacking off" parts of her legacy. Evan Rachel Wood plays Madonna, who asks Weird Al to make a parody of her famous song "Live Like a Virgin."

Yankovic changes the song to "Like a Surgeon." In Wood's first role since the documentary "Phoenix Rising," she stars opposite Radcliffe in a hot romance that is fueled by sex, drugs,

and rock 'n'roll. The real Madonna is also making a movie about her life. Julia Garner will play the "Lucky Star" singer in the movie. The movie is

being written and directed by Madonna. To be able to play Madonna on screen, Garner went through a "gruelling" acting boot camp.

Radcliffe changed into Yankovic to play Weird Al. This was the "weirdest thing" he'd ever had to do on set.   I gave myself a shot the other day, and Al came up to me afterward and asked,

"Is that the weirdest thing you've ever had to do?" Radcliffe told The New York Times about it. "I said,

'It's top two, and Paul Dano riding me like a Jet Ski at the beginning of 'Swiss Army Man' is the only other one.'"

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