Stocks moved slowly into the last trading session of August, a month that killed the hope of a summer rally after a terrible first half.

After three straight days of losses that started on Friday when Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said

the central bank would keep fighting aggressively against inflation, the three major U.S. indices were set to open slightly higher on Wednesday.

Still, some people think that the worst is over for stocks this year because they have bounced back.

Randy Frederick of Charles Schwab pointed out that the S&P 500 rose 17% from its lowest point in June to its highest point in August.

He said, "That's a pretty good rally." "Giving all of that back isn't very common, so it wouldn't happen very often.

Bed Bath & Beyond's new business plan was shown to the public on Wednesday.

It includes plans to lay off workers and close stores, as well as a new $500 million loan. A lot of signs pointed to the announcement.

Several news stories had already said that the struggling home-goods store was close to getting a loan to help pay its bills and pay its suppliers.

The company also said Wednesday morning that it was selling shares, which caused shares to go down.

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