Kamala Khan was first introduced to the MCU in Ms. Marvel, a six-episode streaming series on Disney+ that came out on June 8. Khan likes super

heroes. She finds out that a set of bangles that belonged to her family in Pakistan can help her use her superpower, which is the ability to use cosmic energy.

Funimation gives you 14 days to watch your favourite anime for free.   The show also looked at how she became a superhero and at the problems in her family.

Ms. Marvel will kick off a new chapter in the Marvel franchise in the upcoming film The Marvels.Even though she has her own world to explore in the comic,

with people living in her house, school, and mosque, the movie isn't coming out until July 28, 2023.   Nia DaCosta, who directed Candyman 2021,

will be in charge of the movie, which will mix MCU threads from Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, and WandaVision. In the sequel to the 2019 movie Captain Marvel,

it will show how Brie Larson's superhero Carol Danvers works with Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeau.

After their big panel at D23 Expo 2022 yesterday, Marvel Entertainment posted a video on Twitter with cast and crew members from the MCU.

Vellani was one of the guests, and he was ready to talk about some of Marvel's secrets without giving anything away.   She said that fans of Ms.

Marvel could look forward to more scenes with the Khan family, who have a "funny" part in the Captain Marvel sequel that she is excited for people to see.