Ofsted has rated 16 schools in Waltham Forest as "Outstanding" and another 57 as "Good." A few more are rated as needing improvement, while

only one is rated as inadequate. But the real test of how popular a place is is how many people want to go there, not what the inspectors think.

MyLondon has looked at the most recent data on school places in the UK and can now tell you which Waltham Forest schools are most

oversubscribed. When parents choose a school for their child, they list their top three choices. The schools will then give out spots without

favouring parents who put them at the top of their list.   Each school has its own rules about who can get in, but living close by, having siblings at the school,

or doing well on tests can help you get an offer. In Waltham Forest, only half of the schools listed (34 out of 68) were able to give all of the parents who

put them as their first choice a spot. 
Riverley Primary School in Leyton had the most people who wanted to go there, but only 60 spots were available. This made it the most

oversubscribed school in the borough. Only 63.7% of first choices were offered, which means that more than a third of first choices didn't get a

place. Even though only 66.7% of first choices went to St. Mary's Catholic Primary School in Chingford, it was also a popular school.

The most oversubscribed secondary school was Eden Girls' School in Walthamstow, which was rated outstanding in 2017.