Walmart filed a motion Monday to throw out a lawsuit from the Federal Trade Commission that accuses the country's

biggest store of letting scammers use its money-transfer services.

The lawsuit the FTC filed in June is called an "egregious example of agency overreach" in the motion.

In its lawsuit, the FTC says that Walmart didn't keep its money-transfer services safe for years, allowing customers to lose "hundreds of millions of dollars."

The agency said that Walmart didn't train its employees well enough, didn't warn its customers, and used procedures that made it easy for thieves to cash

out at its stores. The FTC had asked the court to tell Walmart to give money back to customers and to give the company civil penalties.

In a 41-page document filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois Eastern Division

Walmart laid out a number of what it called "legally flawed" claims, such as the fact that the agency lacked

constitutionally valid authority to sue for money or injunctive relief." It says that the FTC is trying to hold Walmart responsible for

customers and shares the FTC's goal of protecting customers from fraudsters." But this lawsuit is a clear example of an agency going too far.

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