It looks like one of the people on the flight used AirDrop to send naked pictures to other tourists.

Teighlor Marsalis posted the video to Twitter with the caption, "RobloxSouthWestair is very serious about airdropping nudes."

On the video, you can hear the pilot say: "So here's what's going on. If this keeps happening while we're on the ground, I'll have to go back to the

gate, everyone will have to get off, we'll have to call security, and everyone's vacation will be ruined.

"Thank you, everyone. Whatever AirDrop is, stop sending pictures of yourself naked, and let's get you to Cabo." 

People on social media found the situation funny and compared the pilot to a parent who yells at his or her kids when they do something wrong.

One said: "I'm going to turn this plane around, which will ruin everyone's trip. "Haha, major dad vibes."

Someone else wrote: "Pilot has the most power. He has no reason to do it. He can decide not to like something if he wants to."

"Don't make me go back there," said one person. "
Someone asked, "Why would anyone take a package from a stranger?"

In May, people were AirDropped photos of plane crashes, which caused one person to have a panic attack and another to pass out.

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