Venice film festival 2022 week two roundup – discomfort and joy

This year's festival had a very theatrical feel, with the most memorable films being a sad but very cinematic biopic of Marilyn Monroe and a very serious French courtroom drama.

Jon Romney
Sat 10 Sep 2022 07.00 BST
Even though Venice can be stressful because of the heat, the lines for coffee, and the ticket system,

it's hard to stay upset for long. For starters, Venice has the world's happiest festival trailer, which is a beautifully coloured animation of King Kong

acrobats, and flying cowboys set to jangling ukulele. It makes you happy at the beginning of every movie

, but that might not last when you see something as brutally sad as Andrew Dominik's Blonde. This is the much-anticipated biopic of Marilyn Monroe,

based on a novel by Joyce Carol Oates. It is the hottest ticket in Venice. Or, more accurately, it's the story of "Marilyn Monroe,

the alter ego of a young woman named Norma Jeane. "Marilyn Monroe" is an artificial creation that the young star comes to hate,