The Warframe Veilbreaker update added Archon Hunts as a way to play at the end of the game.

This pillar activity has weekly missions that are not for people who are easily scared.

Archon hunts are hard, but the rewards more than make up for the trouble. Some of the rarest items in Warframe and Archon Shards

are among these rewards. This guide will tell you about all the rewards you can get from the Archon Hunt in Warframe.

 All of the Warframe Archon Hunt rewards 
Archon Hunts are the hardest thing you can do in Warframe. 

There are three missions in this hunt, and the last one is an assassination mission to kill an Archon.

You can do one of these missions every week, and the enemies start at level 130 and get stronger as you go.

These missions are for players who have reached the end of the game