Actress Kat Graham of The Vampire Diaries has spoken out about being the "sole minority" on the programme.

The star, who portrayed Bonnie Bennett on the popular series, spoke up in an exclusive interview with Express about her experience filming the show. The Vampire Diaries actor also discussed how she would lie about her age

to get a job as a backup dancer in another section of the interview. "So I'd lie about my age, get a little further, and then get caught," Kat explained.

I finally started getting guest star bookings and did a lot of Disney-related work. 

The actress was questioned about how she managed to balance both her acting and singing careers while she was on the show.

He continued by saying that she relied on her pals, who are now well-known TV stars, to help her get dressed for red carpet events. 

The only people I knew who could do my makeup for a red carpet event were my pals, who have since become Ru Paul's Drag Race

stars. "So I would go out with [them]. Those were my buddies," Kat continued.

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