As the war in Ukraine raised costs for farmers, the price of food like milk, margarine, and chips went up quickly.

This caused shop prices to rise at the fastest rate since 2008.  

Prices in stores went up by 5.1%, which is a big jump from July, when they went up by 4.4%. This is because food producers passed on price increases for

fertiliser, wheat, and vegetable oils, which are mostly made in Ukraine and Russia, to consumers.

Prices for fresh food went up by 10.5%, which is the most since September 2008, when the world's financial system was on the verge of falling apart.

The increase from July's rate of 8% more than made up for a small drop in non-food inflation from 2.9% to 3% in August.

Households are already struggling to make ends meet because of high gas prices

the possibility that their energy bills will go up a lot this fall and winter. The rise in store prices makes things

even worse. People with the lowest incomes are likely to feel the effects of inflation the most because they spend more of their money on necessities like

This month, the Bank of England raised interest rates by 0.5%, which was the biggest single increase in almost 30 years

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