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Orion Cosce beats Blood Diamond for his first UFC win. One of the fighters missed weight and messed up a welterweight fight 

 that was supposed to start the preliminary card for UFC 277 on Saturday. That would be Orion Cosce,

who weighed in 1.5 pounds too heavy for his fight with "Blood Diamond" Mike Mathetha,

so a catchweight was needed. Both Cosce and Blood Diamond,

who had been scheduled for fights twice before, were looking for their first UFC victory. The winner wouldn't have an easy night.

After they touched gloves, both fighters moved to the middle of the ring. Blood Diamond kicked low to start the fight,

and then Cosce kicked high. Blood Diamond hit Cosce with a front kick and blocked his hook.

Cosce tried to take down Diamond, but Diamond blocked it. Cosce was put up against the fence by Diamond.

Diamond turned Cosce around after about two minutes. Cosce did a trip takedown on Diamond, but Diamond got up.

Cosce took him down again, but this time he kept him on the ground in side control.  With less than a minute left, Diamond stood back up.

Orion Cosce beats Blood Diamond for his first UFC 277 fight and win.