Two Hollywood legends are unmasked during

Paul sorvino, an imposing actor whose roles ranged from the mob boss in "Goodfellas" to an early stint on the long-running cop drama "Law & Order,"

This season of Masked Singer, they'll be revealing not just one, but two mystery celebrities every week.

During the Season 8 premiere on Wednesday night, viewers met the Harp, the Hedgehog, the Hummingbird, and the Knight. The Knight was

the first one in the competition to say "good knight." William Shatner, who many people know as Captain James T

Kirk from Star Trek and is a well-known actor, author, and Emmy and Golden Globe winner, was the Knight

After he was found out, Shatner said something very funny: "It was really bad. I can't even describe how bad it

was. Nothing was visible. I can't walk. The noise was too loud to hear. " "The mask made it hard to see."

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