Right after all the trouble with the gambling on Twitch, a new issue has come up that is making people angry. Now, Twitch wants to cut the amount

of money its creators get from the money the site makes. Read on to find out more about what's going on.

In a letter, Dan Clancy, the president of Twitch, said that the "premium" 70/30 revenue split for streamers will be changed to 50/50 starting June 1,

2023. He told them that the change wouldn't happen right away. The 70/30 split will give these streamers up to $100,000, and then it will change to

50/50. At first glance, this doesn't look like such a bad idea. Most of the streamers who benefit from the premium split are well-known ones.

The 50/50 split is used by most affiliates and partners on the platform who can make money from their content. But most of these creators, if not

all of them, want that 70/30 split. A lot of people who stream make most of their money from Twitch. Since this is the case, having a bigger share of

the money will help in the long run. In fact, user SaltyWyvern started a petition on Twitch UserVoice in 2020 to make the 70/30 split the default and lower the minimum payout amount.

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