TV tonight: the baby animals of Frozen Planet II will break your heart

Frozen Planet II on BBC One. Screen Grab/BBC Studios is a picture. 
David Attenborough is back with a new series of great length. Plus

Adrian Dunbar is working on another case in Ridley. Here's what you can watch tonight.

Some of tonight's plans may change because of the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Hollie Richardson, Hannah Verdier, Ali Catterall and Phil Harrison 
Sun, 11 Sep 2022, 06.00 BST

Frozen Planet II 
Sunday, at 8 p.m. One BBC 
Penguins! Gerbils! Seals! The world's fluffiest (and grumpiest) 

cats! David Attenborough is back with another epic look at the frozen parts of the world. One minute you're yelling

at a grizzly bear for chasing a muskox calf that's lost its parents, and the next you're weirdly sad that a polar bear can't hunt seals because the ice is melting.