Triangle of Sadness Director Dedicates Emotional

Ruben Ostlund and the cast of "Triangle of Sadness" got together for the first time since the young star of the movie, Charlbi Dean,

died in a sudden and shocking way. The satirical dark comedy, which won the Palme d'Or in Cannes just four months ago,

had its North American premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on Tuesday night, just 15 days after the 32-year-old Dean

died of an unexpected illness in New York on August 29. "I want to say a few words about Charlbi," the director continued. She was a very caring

coworker who made everyone feel better and brought out the best in everyone. You will also see that she was a very good actress. So,

pay close attention to how she acts in this movie. "The three of us want to honour her work by giving this screening to her family and Charlbi,

said Ostlund. "I know for sure that Charlbi would want us to have a great time here tonight. This would be a big night for her, too,