The new mobile and PC gacha MMORPG doesn't explain very well how to use a lot of its features.

The open-world MMORPG Tower of Fantasy is now available for PC, iOS, and Android devices. It is a direct competitor to Genshin Impact, and like that game,

it uses a gacha system to let you unlock new fighting skills. There's also a lot of exploring to do, so you'll want your character to look for chests, solve puzzles,

and attack enemy strongholds. Our Tower of Fantasy guide for new players gives you tips and tricks that the game doesn't really tell you directly, but that can help you early on.

You can only go so far each day in Tower of Fantasy before you hit a wall. You can reach level 18 on the first day, level 24 on the second, and so on.

The chapters in your Wanderer's Log match up with the levels, so you can look at them to see how close you are to the next capping point.

So, you'll be able to move on after the daily reset time has passed. Before level 20, there wasn't much to do in the game,

so be aware that day one might be a bit boring. Things like the sign-up bonus, daily bounties, and other daily rewards reset at 5 a.m. EDT.

If you hit a wall (like we talked about above), you'll have to wait until the reset time has passed before you can do more daily tasks and keep levelling up.

As you use the in-game gacha system to unlock weapons and characters, you'll notice that you don't actually add

the characters to your party like you do in Genshin Impact or other mobile games. Instead, you can use the Simulacrum to make that character your avatar if you want,

but it won't change your stats and is just for looks. Later on, as you give gifts to the characters,

you'll be able to unlock a "Simulacrum trait" that you can turn on and off to get different buffs based on the character.

Since you spend so much time gliding and climbing as you explore, it's easy to forget to get on your horse and ride around.

Riding your mount is much faster than sprinting, so use your mounts as much as possible when you're exploring.

In Tower of Fantasy, there are many different kinds of chests. The ones that look like orbs give you gacha currency (gold and black nucleus),

while the ones that look like triangles and rectangles give you EXP and basic materials for upgrading items or making food.

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