Today in history: on August 20, there was a deadly attack at a post office. Today, August 20, 2022, is the 232nd day of the year. The year still has 133 days left. 

On August 20, 1986, Patrick Henry Sherrill, who worked at a post office in Edmond, Oklahoma, went on a shooting spree that killed 14 of his coworkers before he killed himself.

In 1862, the editor of the New York Tribune, Horace Greeley, wrote an open letter to President Abraham Lincoln. In it, he asked Lincoln to do more to free the slaves and stop the rebellion in the South.

In 1866, after fighting had stopped for a while, President Andrew Johnson made it official that the Civil War was over. In 1882, the "1812 Overture" by Tchaikovsky was first played in Moscow.

In 1910, a series of forest fires burned about 3 million acres and killed at least 85 people in Idaho, Montana, and Washington.

Ramon Mercader killed Leon Trotsky, a Communist revolutionary who had been forced into exile, in Coyoacan, Mexico, in 1940. The next day, Trotsky died.

In 1953, the Soviet Union admitted to the public that it had tried out a hydrogen bomb. In Morocco and Algeria, protests against the French killed hundreds of people in 1955.

In 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Economic Opportunity Act, which was a plan to fight poverty that cost almost $1 billion. 

In 1968, the Soviet Union and other countries in the Warsaw Pact started sending troops into Czechoslovakia to stop the "Prague Spring" liberalisation movement.

In 1988, Iraq and Iran stopped fighting each other in their war. In 1989, 51 people died when a pleasure boat crashed into a dredger on London's River Thames. The boat sank.

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