Electric cars are the way of the future, and more and more of them are on the road every year as more cities and regions add charging stations.

Did you know that the United States now has more than 46,000 public charging stations? Also, many of these places let you charge your car for free.

So, if you live in a city or commute to the city from the suburbs, you'll be in good company if you switch to an electric or hybrid car.

It won't be hard to find a place to charge up.

And since gas prices are still at all-time highs, electric cars can save a lot of money.  

Once you decide you want an electric car, you'll probably start looking for a used Chevy dealership. Obviously, not every driver's needs are the same.

Some drivers only need a commuter car to get to and from work,

while others may need a weekend getaway car that can handle the occasional road trip.