They're the real deal

It has been said that Johnny Depp is in a "serious" relationship with a wealthy London-based lawyer who fought for him in one of his libel cases.

People say that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor is dating Joelle Rich, 37, who is a partner at the international law firm Schillings. Prince Harry and his wife,

Meghan, are among the firm's clients. People say that the mother of two is no longer with her financier husband,

Jonathan Rich, and that the two are getting a divorce. A source told the US celebrity and entertainment

magazine Us Weekly that the relationship between Rich and Depp, who is 59, is "serious."

The source told the magazine, "They get along so well, it's crazy." The insider also said, "They're really into each other. They are who they say they are.

Ms. Rich was the actor's lawyer in his unsuccessful libel case against the Sun in London's High Court in July 2020

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