‘The Witcher’ Proves Magical Showcase for Poland’s Rising Post

Tomasz Bagiski, a Polish animator and visual artist, reportedly persuaded his buddy Andrzej Sapkowski to make a film as early as 2010

The fantasy novel series "The Witcher" was written by Sapkowski, and Bagiski, who was nominated for an Oscar for his short film

The Cathedral," always wanted to turn the saga into a movie. Bagiski joined in 2004, and Platige Image, the Polish animation

VFX, and post-production studio that Bagiski joined in 2004, was one of the project's earliest supporters. When Netflix acquired the rights to

"The Witcher" in 2017, it partnered with Los Angeles-based Hivemind to executive produce. The Polish studio was also nominated for

an Emmy for its VFX work on the series, which went on to become one of Netflix's biggest international hits.

"The Witcher" has proven to be a crowning achievement not only for Platige Image but also for the rapidly expanding