The Rings of Power cast condemn ‘relentless racism’ against fellow actors: ‘We refuse to tolerate it’

In a strong statement, the actors from Amazon's Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power condemned the "relentless racism" against their fellow actors.

The new prequel series takes place thousands of years before director Peter Jackson's trilogy of movies. Unlike earlier versions of the fictional Middle-earth,

in which all the actors were white, the new series has a large number of actors of colour. For example

, the black British actor Lenny Henry plays a hobbit in the show. 
The show's diverse cast has gotten a lot of negative feedback online,

, with some calling it an attempt to "woke-wash" the show. 
Whoopi Goldberg, Neil Gaiman, and Elijah Wood

who played Frodo Baggins in the movie trilogy, are among the famous people who have already spoken out against the racist

comments made about some of the show's actors. The cast of The Rings of Power has released a statement "i