The most interesting thing about her is that she married

Heiress Nicola Peltz got married to Brooklyn Beckham in a star-studded ceremony over the summer

Since then, things haven't gone so well between the two wealthy families, though. Peltz, who just got married

made a shocking claim that her mother-in-law, Victoria Beckham, ignored her for days after she offered to design her wedding dress.

Beckham then ruined the bride's plans by saying that her studio couldn't make the dress.

Insiders say that the 27-year-old model is pushing a "false narrative," leaving Victoria "bemused" as to why she keeps

"stoking the rumours of a feud" instead of shutting them down. Insiders say that Nicola Peltz is spreading a "false story"

about how Victoria Beckham's mother-in-law is "bewildered" as to why she keeps "stoking rumours of a feud."

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