Overnight, Apple said that the new Apple Watch Series 8 would be coming out as one of the new gadgets for this season.

The next update will have the same features that people love, like a battery that lasts all day and lasts 18 hours,

and some new ones, like a low-power mode, ovulation tracking, and watchOS9. With a partnership that goes back to 2015,

Hermès has announced a new line of interactive watch faces and straps that will give the new collection a unique look.

The first release is a Lucky Horse watch face, which was inspired by the house's long history with horses. Thierry Hermès, the company's founder,

was skilled at leatherwork and made saddles for horses. In keeping with the brand's history, it has a cartoon horse, an apple,

and a horseshoe, whose colours can be changed depending on how the wearer feels. At 10:10,

the watch hands form a harness, and when the screen dims during Always-On mode, you can see the horse winking.

Two new things have been added to the high-quality leather straps. First is the new double tour Gourmette band,

which combines leather with a metal chain that looks like an equestrian curb link chain.