A recent report said that WB has three ideas for how to deal with the problems that Ezra Miller has caused.

"The Flash" was one of the most-anticipated movies of 2023, and everyone was thrilled to see Ezra Miller back in the famous costume.

But rumours about Miller's bad behaviour have killed the movie's buzz and made Warner Bros. think about what they should do.

Warner Bros. has once again demonstrated that things are even worse than anyone expected after stating that the film will undoubtedly be shown in theaters.

A recent report says that the production giant is actually thinking about more than one way to handle the problems caused by "The Flash" actor.

Since the movie doesn't come out until next year, Warner Bros. Discovery thought they could handle the situation. But it seems like the pressure is getting worse every day,

so they have to change the way they think. Insiders say that the production house is already planning for a number of different scenarios in light of the whole scandal.

The Hollywood Reporter said in an article that WB has three plans for the movie, and one of them is to just throw it away. In the first scenario, on the other hand,

the actor needs to get help from a professional for their strange behaviour and do limited publicity for the upcoming superhero movie. If this is what WB decides to do,

Miller will give an interview in which he explains why he did what he did. In the second scenario, Miller is completely left out of the promotion for the movie, and the other actors continue to promote it as planned.

As was already said, the third and final option is to throw the whole movie away, like they did with "Batgirl." But tossing away a movie that cost $200 million

to make would be one of the most shocking things in the history of movies. As soon as the report was posted online,

people on social media talked about it and said that the movie should be "scrapped." One of the people on social media said, "It will probably be thrown out."

There's no way they'd be after an interview with Ezra, and they can't promote the movie without the lead actor. " Another person on social media said, "THROW AWAY THE FILMS!"