The writer of Netflix's historical drama "The Crown" says that the show will stop making new episodes

after Queen Elizabeth II dies out of respect for the British monarch.

"The Crown" is a love letter to her, and for now, all I can do is be quiet and show respect. I think we will stop filming out of respect too

"Peter Morgan wrote in an email to Deadline. Deadline says that Netflix has had plans for a long time in case the queen dies during the show's run.

At the time of the show's 2016 premiere, one of its directors and producers said that if it happened, the show would stop making episodes for a good amount of time.  

Stephen Daldry, a director and producer for the show, told Deadline in 2016: "None of us knows when that time will come,

but it would be right and proper to show respect to the Queen." "It would be a simple way to show respect and pay homage.

She is known all over the world, and this is what we should do." Elizabeth has been played by Claire Foy,