One of the top 10 MultiVersus players in the world has been a favourite from the start, and it's not even close.

Right now, playing Bugs Bunny is your best chance of getting into the big leagues. Yes, the trickster furball is rated higher than Superman,

Ultra Instinct Shaggy, and even LeBron James. Five of the top ten players in MultiVersus Teams, which is the main 2v2 mode, play as Bugs Bunny.

The top player, KoboldHeart, is a Bugs Bunny main. They are a PC player who has won as many Bugs games as far as the eye can see,

giving them a huge MMR score of 2,700. My MMR as a normal player, on the other hand, is 1,039.

This is just high enough to get me into the top million players on MultiVersus.

Tom and Jerry are the runners-up, with two spots in the top 10. This is a big win for animals that like to swing mallets on two legs.

There's also a Shaggy at number 4, a Velma, and even an Iron Giant main character (my new role model).

On the other hand, rankings aren't as one-sided on the 1v1 leaderboard, which some fighting game purists might think of as the real test.

Bugs Bunny is still number one thanks to a PC player named mirrorman, but this top 10 also has a Batman at number two,

two Superman mains, a Finn, Shaggy, and Jake the Dog. There are big differences between the leaderboards.

It's easy to see why Player First Games is planning to weaken bugs in a patch that will come out after EVO. His ability to use both melee and ranged attacks makes him a good 2v2 partner.

Still, he's not as strong when it's just him and you. This might be because it's easier to predict his long-range attacks when your attention isn't split. On the other hand, Superman

may be popular in 1v1 because his grab moves are easier to use when there's no second enemy around to stop them.  

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