Check out our list of the best options for your next bank based on interest rates, fees, and other features.

If you want a better banking relationship, check out our sixth annual rankings of the best national banks, online banks, and credit unions,

as well as the best institutions for high-net-worth clients, retirees, and families with kids.  We used the help of a financial data company called Curinos,

which put together information about the 39 institutions we looked at, including their interest rates, fees, and other features.

To better reflect recent changes in bank policies, we added data on overdraft grace periods and early availability of checking account funds as ranking criteria.

And compared to previous years, we've changed how we rank national banks, credit unions, and online banks based on their student and

senior checking accounts by putting more weight on whether they have special accounts for those groups.

1. Best National Banks,2. Best Internet Banks,3. The Best Credit Unions,4. The best banks for people with a lot of money,5. The best banks for old people,6. The best banks for parents with children,

The interest rates shown here are as of the beginning of June. Check the yields of a bank before you decide to work with it.

Since rates are going up in general, it's likely that some yields will change after we publish this. 

How Do We Decide Which Banks Are The Best? 
We looked at 13 national and large regional banks, 13 internet banks (including online accounts from brokerage firms),

and 13 credit unions. We used data from Curinos, a financial data provider, as well as data from banks and other sources. We looked at each institution's checking,

savings, money market deposit, and certificate of deposit accounts. We looked at the interest rates; the minimum deposit and balance requirements;

the monthly maintenance fees and how easy it was to get out of paying them; the ATM benefits, such as waived or reimbursed fees for out-of-network withdrawals

the free or discounted benefits, such as personal checks, cashier's checks, paper statements, and overdraft-protection transfers;